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  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake for me. I beat it a few months after launch and have been meaning to go back to it before Rebirth comes out. One of the only things stopping me is getting all 9 bridal outfits. Since i played the game 3 years ago at this point, i forgot which ones i had already, which means i would have to play through chapters 3, 8 and 9 three times to make sure i got all the outfits. That does not sound fun at all...
  2. I tried the demo yesterday and it was pretty damn good. It really feels like a proper evolution of the 3DS games (which I already loved). I just hope the platinum doesn't require you to play too many songs on supreme difficulty...
  3. Yeah, I think Sony probably realized by now that PS1/PSP classics that have trophy support generate more interest in PS+ Premium. Hopefully they keep doing this in the future. Also the list for this game looks much more involved than other recent classics, which is a welcome change.
  4. In order to get the DLC trophies for both expansions, you have to complete 224 songs in total. What I did was set the difficulty to Easy, completed the 149 available songs on that difficulty, and then finished the rest on Normal mode (some songs can't be played on Easy mode for those that don't know). Here is a list of all the songs that are only available on Normal or above for those following my method: Future Sound (26 Normal+) A Song of Wastelands, Forests, and Magic Beware of the Miku Miku Germs Blackjack Close and Open, Demons and The Dead Dreaming Leaf DYE Glasses Grumpy Waltz I’m Your Diva Lover’s Suicide Oblivion Marginal Miracle Paint Negaposi*Continues Nostalogic Odds & Ends Palette Requiem for the Phantasma Rolling Girl Secret Police Solitude’s End -extend edition- Tengaku The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku The MMORPG Addict’s Anthem To the End of Infinity Tokyo Teddy Bear Two-Sided Lovers Colorful Tone (49 Normal+) Absolunote AFTER BURNER Betty the Liar Black Gold break;down Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder -39's Giving Day Edition- Colorful X Sexy Dance of Many Denparadigm Disruptive Diva Equation+** Francisca Gothic and Loneliness ~I'm the very DIVA~ Holy Star -2010 DIVA mix- Iroha Uta Jugemu Sequencer Kipple Industry, Inc. Leia Let Me Lose Myself in The Black Note LIKE THE WIND Love's Note Magical Sound Shower maigo life Master of Puppets Mellow Yellow Mousou Sketch No Logic On The Rocks One-Sided Love Samba Out of Eden Pane dhiria Perico Space Shipper Pink Moon Rosary Pale SING&SMILE Soiyassa!! Solitude's End Stardust Utopia StargazeR Starlite Lydian Step Forward SYMPHONIC DIVE - DIVA FT edit - Systematic Love Terakakushi Shishunki The Snow White Princess is... The Two of Us - Futaride Transparent Watercolors Tricolore Airline ZIGG-ZAGG Finishing all of these on Normal or above, as well as finishing all 149 songs available on Easy should give you both Gold trophies. Happy Hunting!
  5. My brother was able to claim the game via PS+ back in 2012. If he renewed his subscription, would he be able to download it again?
  6. I started a new playthrough on easy difficulty after beating the game on medium almost a year ago. When i was playing, the trophy "resurrection" popped again even though i had it already. Before anyone asks, i'm on the same psn account as the one i used when i first played it. When i went to sync my trophies, the date didn't change, so it was probably harmless but i'm still pretty concerned. I should also add that i'm playing on a different system than the one i used previously, so maybe the trophy data hasn't been installed properly.
  7. So i've read that there's a glitch that causes all your side quest progression to reset if you use chapter select. Will this really affect me in any way if i already have the platinum and am just going back for the royal pack content? I know i'll have to use chapter select to get some of the remaining datalogs but maybe the glitch will prevent me from doing so. Was it even patched?
  8. I just wanted to vent about how frustrating Scenario Campaign is in this game (as well as the trophy list in general). 1) The lock-on system sucks. After you kill an enemy, you'll still be locked onto them, which means an enemy can run up behind you and juggle you around until you can manage to get up again. 2) The gear system sucks. You can only have five buffs at one time, and there can't be any repeats. If you want more HP, you have to grind to get a piece of rank B or higher equipment. 3) The story sucks. Lars is very boring, the plot twist is lame and the meaningful parts are strung together with mediocre side-stories. (Arena mode is okay) 4) You have to fight Azazel at least FOUR TIMES to get the platinum. Once in arcade mode, once in time attack, once during the Campaign and once in the arena. Attempt this trophy list at your own risk. Scenario Campaign is easily one of the worst single player modes in any fighting game I've ever played.
  9. I think it’s pretty much confirmed that there’s going to be a new trophy list seeing as there’s a PS5 version of the game and they want both lists to be the same. I would love to be proven wrong but I don’t think I will be. It’s a shame they don’t care at all about trophy hunters but then again, what developer does? Can’t wait to have another unobtainable trophy list on my account! /s
  10. Hey, I know this is a really old thread, but is there any way you could tell me which missions you chose to skip? I only have 60 left and i'm struggling to find more to complete easily.
  11. I decided to jump back into this game after finishing the second game on my Switch. When i booted it up, it let me connect to the multiplayer servers even though i don't have PS Plus and i was able to play parallel quests with other people online for free. What is even more odd is that a couple days earlier when i played it, it gave me the usual PS Plus prompt when trying to connect to the multiplayer servers. Is this a sign that the servers are going to be shut down soon or something? That has happened with other games before.
  12. I've had this script for about a month now and it has proved to be very useful so far. Nice work! Is there anyway you can make it so that games with unobtainable trophies won't show up when you filter your game list to only show unobtainable trophies if you have them already?
  13. Did anyone ever find out if you get the Comrades DLC from the voucher included in Royal Edition? I redeemed mine in December and never saw it in my library.
  14. I finished the story last year and i'm about to go back to get the platinum but i wanted to know if i can unlock the Safecracker trophy in Challenge Mode if i skipped some puzzles during my original playthrough. If not, would i have to play through the entire game again just to get it?