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  1. So it is the list of Rumbleverse
  2. A Plague Tale: Requiem (Of course) Goat Simulator 3 And am waiting for the Hogwarts pre-order in the store.
  3. Other good spots are in the library or on the roofs near the TV (to zap all programs)
  4. If you are just talking about the platinum, Bagwell is right. If you are going for "all there is has to be gold" it might be a 7/10. Some challenges are ... unbalanced (imho). But I had a fun time nevertheless
  5. Played a match on PS4? After it the tutorial trophy should pop.
  6. 3 yes, on 1 I did not really get it to work. I could fly but that was it.
  7. The F40 is back? Nice, finally I got all cars ^^ SiC, thank you so much for this thread and all the work you spent and will spend here.
  8. yes, but after update 1.15 you have to start the PS5 version one time so your savegame gets "updated" somehow. Then start the PS4 version and ding ding ding
  9. A.C. is so hard with a gamepad ^^
  10. Ahh, okay. Thanks. Bummer, am trying to get every car (am still hoping for a VR add on once PSVR2 is out). Have to wait a bit longer then
  11. Did we somehow miss the Ferrari F40? I thought it would have been there end of last week?!
  12. all of them? Damn and I really played them all ^^
  13. Worked, thanks mate
  14. Thanks mate, worked. Now I can finally sell my JP and AS PS4 versions ^^