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  1. I don’t know the exact details. I haven’t done much experimentation with it. But with my alternate account, I played the PS4 version a little on my PS4, earned a few early game trophies. I later logged into my alternate account on my PS5 and opened the PS5 version of the game and the trophies I had earned autopopped and my seasonal level carried over. Didn’t have a game in progress so I can’t confirm that but I did not have to do the tutorial again. No uploading on my part, so it looks like it’s server side especially since it was over separate consoles. Not sure about PS5 to PS4 though. Will try that once I get the Plat on the PS5 version with this account.
  2. True. I had realized that before but forgot about it while typing that message. I'd keep my eyes on the cosmetic shop they have. Maybe they'll put a pet in there for Golden Horns at some point. Sure, you probably wouldn't want to use your Golden Horns on something like that. But it could be an option.
  3. I see what you did there. And congrats on beating Fenrir. Now just do it 9 more times for the special cosmetic pet. Luckily, that's not required for platinum. But after I finish 100 days in survival I'll be aiming for that as I grind out level 50 for the seasonal rank. Still need the revive an ally player trophy. The one trophy you can't get solo. But it should be an easy trophy to get by just joining a random game. My friend is even considering getting the game so I can get his help with it if need be.
  4. Thank you. It was certainly harrowing at times. But in the end I’m glad I was able to do it. As I said before the first things I build up are the Quarry and the Lumberyard. The Farm usually waits until I’ve built the gates around my village, didn’t actually build it in the run where I killed the Saga Boss though. I played as the berserker class and started with Villager Starter Kit, allowing me to have armor and weapons from the start and being able to explore outwards a little bit. I gather up my Flint and Branches to at least make my tools and go from there. Gather resources while exploring and mostly checking those inclines on the map that have the barricades around them sometimes. Get my resources for the Quarry as soon as possible and build that. Defend the village the first night which is trivial. The Jotuun shows up and I make my way in that direction to find it, picking up and fast travel along the way. The thing I’ve noticed, or at least this is how it’s been working for me, the Jotuun spawn in the same area in your current world. So if you know where they’re coming from and know they’re route, you can take care of them early on. But other than that, I don’t really have much to offer. When you’re not defending the village, keep exploring, gathering resources and branching more and more outwards. Check Fafnir for hideout fragments because they’re required to unlock the lair. And don’t be afraid to sell spare materials to the other merchants. Be sure to upgrade Villager NPCs and craft better gear. I just wouldn’t spend your golden horns on the legendary gear, unless you have an abundance. That’s really all I have. If I think of anything else, I’ll post it here.
  5. Beat the Saga Boss solo earlier today. Please don't misinterpret this as bragging, I'm just saying it's possible. DIFFICULT. I can't stress that enough but possible. I lucked out though with Fafnir, the merchant you can buy stuff from, having hideout fragments. I entered the lair, boss had 200,000 HP. Got him down to 150,000 and had to warp out to protect the village. Went right back, health was still at 150,000, and took him out before the next wave came in at the village. Got out of the game before the Fimbulwinter wave though. Not losing the Golden Horns rewards I earned. It's difficult but doable solo. Haven't even attempted 100 days in survival yet. Been playing Saga. Just keep at it and you'll get the hang of it. My suggestion, if you're not doing this already, gather your resources and build the quarry first and then the lumberyard. This way, you'll have Wrought Iron, Cut Stone, and Wooden Boards coming in regularly. Also get the tinkerer villager to level 3 because you can craft those items with her. From there, build where you see fit. While gates are nice, I found them a little unnecessary in the early days. Just keep trying and you'll eventually beat the saga boss whether solo or in a group of 10.
  6. Saints Row: The Third quite fitting if I do say so myself. I actually think I made a joke about it with my friends back when it happened.
  7. I haven't played in years but I remember doing it with some one on my friends list at the time. It should work. Just make sure you both complete all chapters. If one of you dies in chapter 4 for example and the other makes it to chapter 5, don't reinvite to chapter 5. Go back and do chapter 4 again. Or at least the person who died has to.
  8. Just earned Elder Scrolls Online platinum earlier today.
  9. I can confirm. I played on PS5 first and when I loaded up the PS4 they autopopped. Only trophy I don't hate is Great Outdoors since that bugged on me but that's a topic for a different thread
  10. Great Outdoors didn't pop for me even though I have 20 mastery in Dartmoor and have completed all challenges.
  11. As the title says. I began noticing this while hunting down chests this afternoon in Liyue. There were points where I counted the number I opened and when I went to double check it didn’t add up. So I started checking before and after each chest I opened. And sure enough some of the chests in Liyure (Possibly Mondstat but can’t verify this one) are not counting towards the achievements. And it seems as though it’s the chest encased in rock. Not the ones hidden behind the rock wall but the ones where you can actually see the chest but have to destroy the rock encasing it to open. I opened three of these while checking my chest number before and after and sure enough it didn’t count. If you read this and are hunting chests in Liyue, I advise not opening these chests and just marking them on your map for now. There are plenty of chests from what it appears but if these actually counted properly then I would have the achievement by now.
  12. Looks like gangsters monthly 5 has been found found that on YouTube but can't actually confirm at the moment. At work.
  13. Not that I'm aware of. From what I heard they shut down at the end of August.
  14. I had no idea you could get Vinktar in that way. Just picked up all four rods for a total of 10 chaos orbs. Also, in case you didn’t know, there is a new divination released with the latest expansion called Squandered Prosperity. You need 5 for a stack and trading it in gives you Perandus Manor. A corrupted version but it’s still Perandus Manor. Not sure how much they’re going for in standard but in league, I saw them going for 40 chaos each. So a whole stack being 200 chaos which is roughly 2-3 exalts.
  15. Trying to. Working on getting enough exalts for them as well as any gear I want. Still need to kill the. Breachlords as well. Killed Esh, Xoph, and Tul on my necromancer but didn’t have the clear speed to make it Ul-Neetol or Chayula. Definitely could’ve killed if I did. But but both those breachstones and shards go for far too much. I was lucky to pick up an Ul-Neetol breachstone for 22 chaos.