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  1. I have all 6 platinums on PS3 and just finished God of War PS4 today. 😁 Sign me up for all 7.
  2. Thanks a bunch @WaddysWDS! Just wanted to know if I had the right idea for them. The names when translated into English aren't the same for the most part, but I should be able to figure it out.
  3. What account level do you guys think is a good level to start with? I still have maps to do and misc trophies to get, but I figured I'd give DanTheManGum's strategy a try at lvl 43 and it didn't work out too well lol, couldn't do the damage. Maybe instead of a Caffeine Potion I should use a Rage Potion for awhile or something, but just wondering what the recommended minimum level would be in your opinions. Also, in your newest video, what parts are you using in those traps @DanTheManGum?
  4. Gotcha, thank you for clarifying for me. Thinking I might install the game and play it on my alt and take a look. But at least it looks like SE is actually doing something, even if they're taking their time lol.
  5. Just a quick question about this as I'm hoping to get all the trophies from Breach Mode. When people are doing this Darknet File 1 and getting kicked making the trophy not pop, does that mean that's it for that trophy unless you get reset by Square? Or can you redo the files as many times as you want and you're not being locked out of anything? Just wondering why some people are asking Square for resets I guess. I haven't played the game yet because of this whole server situation so I'm unaware of some of the finer details. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Yes, thank you so much @TheYuriG and @crisding89 for all the amazing information/guides on how to actually get this trophy when it was thought to be impossible for so long. And a HUGE thank you especially to @Hoagie324 for being the hero that got me the trophy! Helping that many people when you had the chance to was awesome and I can't thank you enough, I've been trying to get this trophy on and off for over 2 years. Thanks again!
  7. I'd also love to join the session that Hoagie will be doing, if that's alright! I'm available at the times Hoagie says he is after Christmas so that works for me. I'll add Hoagie and have his Shack Shover score beat and ready to go at 39k by then, if I'm good to join with you guys. If so, thanks a ton ahead of time! I'm good to join group chats on the PS App if that's preferred or whatever line of communication is wanted. Hopefully everyone gets this horrible trophy soon. =)
  8. I've gone through some serious tests of patience in my 8 years of trophy hunting... There are many I wouldn't realistically do again, but 5 notable pain in the ass ones would have to be: - FEAR 2 Project Origin - I've done many boosts and this one was by far nightmare level for bordem. It was literally 200 hours of back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I'm a very determined person and I can't think of a game that tested my patience as much as that one did. - Warhawk - I actually didn't dislike my time with this game when I boosted through it. No one likes boosting, so my way of doing things is always have a trophy friend with ya, and a good friend of mine did this game with me. But it took a LONG time, and doing it again would just be stupid. It might have been stupid the first time haha. =P Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - I absolutely loved this game, and games like it. But that one trophy where you have to do all the online challenges with the laggy/choppy servers was just horrendous. Many, many thanks to Sergen-The-Boss for the huge help he gave for UN1/3/5 and a few of the MN ones (can't remember the exact ones, I think MN5 was one). Crysis 2 - Nothing against this game, I like Crysis, but the online was a bad experience for me and taints my memory of this game. Too bad, really. Battlefield Bad Company - This one I did very recently and I didn't hate my time with because of the people I was with, but I am without a doubt very lucky to have had the group of boosters I did. Super dedicated and reasonable people and great group host. I did the 10k kills mostly legit, maybe about 80% of it roughly. I definitely can't say I'd ever touch this game again lol.