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  1. So hows does one get a glitched character? Can someone make it their main character so people on their friends list can easily copy it for the glitch?
  2. +1 for Tri-Brigade Zoodiac being the best deck in the game. Thanks @EdgeHosenka
  3. Just hit plat rank in 6 hours with @EdgeHosenka version of TRI-BRIGADE ZOODIAC from the other thread. It's so broken. How have they not nerfed this deck into the ground? Edit: I made the deck without spending any money. Completely F2P.
  4. It's called Hraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Hraesvelgr,_the_Desperate_Doom_Eagle
  5. 4X XP is going on right now.
  6. Cool, nice of them to give the free upgrade to plus users. 25% off the DLC is nice too.
  7. It's priced $5 everywhere even on phones. The free phone version has Ads after every round and no trophies.
  8. $5 is fine. The free phone version has Ads that can disconnect you from lobbies. You can also pay $5 on the phone version to get rid of the Ads.