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  1. you don’t make any weapon/gadget progress vs bots.
  2. sadly there’s no option to do that.
  3. unfortunately not. it’s 8 teams of 4 against each other against bots. not sure how you’d be able to boost that. 😕
  4. i don’t think so. when you’re in a match and you press + hold options, you can see the ribbon tier you’re currently on in that match.
  5. they’re all a bit buggy at the moment. the trophies that DONT work in AOW bots are the ribbons and the T1 trophies. apart from that i think most of the stuff unlocks against bots. but sometimes you have to repeat certain actions (repairs, headshot, airkill etc) for them to unlock.
  6. yeah those are the ones. you need to get to tier 3 with each one once.
  7. those are the ribbons you need.
  8. i wish you could check how many healing/repairs you’ve done already in-game. sentry gun was easy but took a while. i just sat in a tank on a flag and placed the turret in front of it.
  9. it MIGHT have been a problem with my profile. ever since i installed outriders my ps4 would kick me back to the user login screen whenever i started the game. that’s also when some trophies stopped popping. i had to recreate my profile for it to stop happening. i guess i will finish what i can and then start again. sucks that have to do almost the whole campaign and the outriders legacy quest again. :/
  10. so my level 15 trophy didnt pop either, BUT it did when i reached level 16.
  11. what exactly counts as the rocket launcher??
  12. be aware that there’s also bugged mp lobbies where you don’t get any xp. mostly the 128 player lobbies.
  13. it SHOULD unlock on your next rank up then if it didn’t pop yet…hopefully.
  14. i got the 7500 kills trophy to pop yesterday so they DO work. but nothing on the missing ones. i tried on a new character but it didn’t work. i guess i’ll have to delete all characters and start from scratch. ☹️