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  1. would only work if you'd have the game on disc and played unpatched.
  2. Yeah, I know how they look like and all that. But I have the feeling they stop appearing at some point. Finished the game multiple times now and stillno trophy.
  3. I cant get Gold Keeper to unlock. Anybody got any tips???
  4. Servers will close March 2018:
  5. pretty lame that many of the trophies look exactly like in the first battlefront game.
  6. Awesome!!!
  7. Hey, can you tell me if blasting agent is cross buy on PS4/Vita?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cr1s


      Yeah, it's not cross-buy in the EU store for some reason...

    3. Elvick_


      Oh, that's stupid. :/

    4. Monkey-Hands


      no cross-buy for the eu sadly :(

  8. yes, i did as well as several others on the dtd forum. but they dont give a shit. they said it was a tough choice but in their opinion it was the right one. just read this: most people are pissed. also, they gonna reset the tower soon so if you can't make it to floor 15 before that you'll have to start again.
  9. how??
  10. yes they are.
  11. does anybody know?
  12. done!
  13. i only have EU codes left. US codes are all gone. still want one?
  14. check! hmmm, not sure since its not officially released. usually all f2p games don't require ps plus.