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  1. from my knowledge you can’t even log in when the servers are off. so if you can load into the main menu the servers are still working.
  2. can also confirm. logged in, didn’t get any scrap.
  3. mine isn’t showing up either after i finished the story. it only appears when i clean camps. ☹️ but it won’t show up on enemies at scavenging locations.
  4. looks like uk amazon is out if copies. not sure if you can use a german/austrian code. 🤔
  5. my friend just bought the season pass on amazon.
  6. looks like we can’t disable cross-play. ☹️👎🏻
  7. just did it with 2 friends and it worked just fine. 👌🏻
  8. i got it while dropping down to the island. just pick a spawn point at the edge of the map and navigate to outside. 😉
  9. thank you very much! 👌🏻
  10. you‘ll get the drone for free next month.
  11. YOU have to be the one without armor, not the humans.
  12. i got told by a friend that it has to be human after i had almost 300 werewolf kills. 😫
  13. does anyone know how to get the Goodman! trophy?
  14. you could‘ve created a uk account and get it for free from there. that’s what i did. no way i‘m going to pay 5€ if everybody else gets it for free. 😅
  15. i think it’s when the chopper arrives. so no need to ACTUALLY launch a flare.