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  1. I did like Crimson said "The easiest way to do it is to load up a chapter with 2 controllers. Use the other account and kill your character and finish with 2nd controller. Don't ask why this works but it does haha the damage doesn't count for some reason and the trophy will pop after you finish the level." You need two controller (joysticks) for this. Start any chapter (which ever you want to, free choice), chose a character with your first controller, then chose a character with your second controller. Don't forget to enable friendlyfire mode so that you can damage each other. Then started the game, with the character of your second controller you kill your first character right at the beginning, now just finish the chapter with your second character with your second controller.
  2. I think yes, it is the save file from the playstation cloud. Thanks a lot for your reply, I will try to make the trophy then Thanks a lot for your response. This is good to know, cause this is one of the few trophies that I wouldn't want to redo lol
  3. Hello, I have stopped playing TPS on my ps4 some years ago and I want to finish the rest of the trophies now for this game. The problem is that I am now on ps5, I already started doing the Challenger trophy (Completed level 1 of all challenges with a single character) with my main character on my ps4 back in time, but I hadn't completed it. Does someone now if I can continue this trophy on my ps5 without problems? Or do I have to redo the challenges for making this trophy pop up? Or could it maybe be get buggy since I switched consoles?
  4. Hello, I am trying to get the fill her up trophy, but for some unknown reason it is not working. I did chose a race with fuel consumption, I went into the pitstop once my tank was empty, then I filled up my tank but the trophy did not pop up. I tried it several times now. I also do not change the tires in the pitstop to make sure that the trophy doesn't glitch. I also restarted the game, still nothing. Strangely I do have all the other pitstop trophies, but this one doesn't seem to work for me. Not sure what I am doing wrong, is someone else here having the same issue on the ps5? Edit: Ok it popped up once I changed the circuit
  5. Did the trophy pop up for you at the end? I feel like mine is buggy, I am already level 27 and finished the campaign, I should actually have the trophy by now. EDIT: Nevermind, made same mistake as Steven-Spiegel
  6. Thanks for mentioning this, I just tried this out, this is totaly crazy lol :D, still need 1 million points though. With the ability to dash with two forward taps which move do you mean? First time I am playing this char ^^
  7. Yea I don't know why I am just bad at this trophy, I found the s rangs trophies much easier than this. I finally made it with a second controller.
  8. Oh, sorry to hear that that sucks. Yea bought mine on sale for a few bucks.
  9. Thank you. If you have a second controller I would do it this way I was already giving up on this because of this one trophy.
  10. I made the trophy, thanks a lot Cr1msonAce for the hint with the second controller and the others for the great help
  11. Easiest way to get the S rangs is with Cherry, you have to unlock the sliding knee move and use only this to kill all enemies. I find this was the easiest way to get all the S rangs.
  12. gg to the platinum, I will defenitely try this out, I managed to do every trophy alone besides this one and the dlc survival trophy ^^ Thanks, I didn't think about this.
  13. Oh nice, this really works? I will try this out out thanks, just need to create a second psn account to do it
  14. Nice. Survival is a trophy from the DLC
  15. One day you will do it . I actually thought it was an easy plat, but to be honest the no damage, lvl 30 survival and S rang on every stage isn't so easy ^^