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  1. I'm playing this piece of art in ranger mode and so far I'm on The Chase chapter. I've stealthed and knocked out humans so that I can guarantee the good ending. However in The Chase it's almost impossible to complete it with knockouts when you have landed on the train. My question is if it is possible to kill the reds in this level and still get the good ending. It would make sense since it would count as self-defense but I want to be on the safe side.
  2. There's a selection to choose survival or spartan mode. I know the differences, but my question is if survival mode works with Last Light? I've heard that the spartan mode is how the game was originally which concerns me. So does the game's design work with survival mode? Misspelled 'question'. My bad.
  3. I got First Light on PS Plus a while back but forgot about it until now. I've played Infamous 1 but not Second Son. So my question is if I need to play Second Son before First Light or is it possible to start with the latter? Also I'm aware of that First Light is a prequel but some backstories are written as if to be experienced by their release orders and not chronologically. So is that the case with First Light?
  4. Ironic how I forgot about this post and checked it just after I completed the game lol. Thanks anyway
  5. Prototype 2's hard mode felt exactly like its normal difficulty. No real challenge
  6. I just got Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition for the PS3 for free by a friend. For what I've read it not only contains Reaper of Souls but also contains the original game with improvements like a better loot system and etc. But with these changes, can a player with Ultimate Evil Edition play with someone who owns the vanilla D3 online? Or does both players have to own the same versions of the game.
  7. It's always interesting to hear someone else's experience with a boss battle, wherever he/she thought it was too hard or too easy. The bosses I think are overrated are all the ones from MGS3. Most of them were too easy in my opinion (except The Boss though it was because of the time limit). And no I didn't play the game on easy, everything else besides the bosses were tough for me. Although Ocelot and The Fury did bring some challenge but The Fury felt uninteresting and Ocelot just weren't my thing. To kill The End I only needed to put on the therminal goggles to follow his footsteps and hunt him and then shot him with a shotgun until he dies. Any bosses you think are overrated?
  8. Kingdom of Amalur, although it never became a series.
  9. Playstation Allstars Battle Royale
  10. I prefer when the box arts looks different with each console. But seeing how Sony has gotten a thing for blue I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Still though what's the point? The PS3 will die in a few years anyway so does it really matter?
  11. A rushed game that everyone will buy. No offense.
  12. Resistance 3? Already? Didn't it come out like in 2011, did it not sell well?
  13. I haven't come up with one yet for this topic yet, might add one later. Explain your feelings towards a game you think is overrated. Please try not to start fights, everyone has an opinion.
  14. Lego Star Wars 2, on the Nintendo DS