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  1. Loves GTA 5, and handpicks trophies for his cabinet very carefully
  2. Oh this is gonna be so good
  3. Thanks
  4. Dark Cloud 2 Star Ocean Til the End of Time All of the .hack games Everything else that I loved on ps2 is on ps3 for trophies already so I wont list those
  5. Still super psyched about playing this again but I am kind of bummed there aren't trophies for 100% every town lol. Still wont stop me though
  6. Plat rocket league for sure. Looks like your pretty close, not to many options besides that as well
  7. The highest HP increase rune you can get is +15% and it is a drop from Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice. The 10% one is in the NIghtmare Frontier. You can look them all up at:
  8. If it does get a price drop it'd be $50. But I can't see them dropping the price, the PS4 has been selling incredibly well and are beating the Xbox One in sales almost every month. Just can't see Sony dropping it for awhile.
  9. Likes a wide genre of games.
  10. Wow.... there goes my 2 rarest trophies I guess...... *Screams into a pillow*
  11. Seems rather pointless. I myself do prefer playing offline, I have done so for both Dark Souls and Bloodbourne while beating every boss. That being said I have a lot of friends who love the series as a co-op game; having tried it earlier solo and quitting early on. Removing trophies for online co-op would only further remove the motivation to continue for a lot of these friends.
  12. My main is Kirby and always has been. If I'm up against some bad matchups my pocket characters are Pit and Zero Suit Samus though.
  13. Yes Blast of tempest was awesome! Who's watched Monster?
  14. Got my Majora's Mask New 3DS Xl preordered =D. Finally can play my 3DS games on a bigger screen haha

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    2. TheFinalEmblem


      Nice dude! I'm gonna be getting the Black New 3DS XL once I get some money in a few weeks. I've been holding out for it so I could play Xenoblade on the 3DS.

    3. DK_Scuba


      Yeah I've never played Xenoblade but heard nothing but good things so can't wait to play it :)

    4. TheFinalEmblem


      Ooh, yeah, it's probably one of, if not, the best RPG I've ever played. Hope you have a good time with it!