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  1. for those that played virtues last reward and zero time dilemma, how much do they tie into each other?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vanilla


      does it explain what happens between christmas and new years?

    3. Redgrave


      Yeah, they go into more detail about those events. One of the endings even connects a certain moment from VLR.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      They don't just tie into each other. They are part of one experience!

  2. i got them both from plus and picked up the eu stack of vlr to get the plat again before doing the next one. vlr is one of my favorites
  3. i'm gonna try for that december date and if i can't get all my games done for then i'll just do february
  4. starting virtues last reward again <3

    1. DrHambone


      good game!

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      And awesome decision it is!

  5. I don’t understand how this month I’ve bought games on eBay from 3 different countries and got them all in less than 2 weeks but a game I sent to someone else in March still hasn’t arrived 🤔

    1. Spaz


      That happens sometimes.


      Had that happen to me before and it turned out to be issues with shipping.


      Ask for a refund and try to order it again.

  6. add me to this. vita-chan is my waifu. im gonna do: 1. pirate warriors 2 jp stack 2. pirate warriors 3 jp stack 3. pirate warriors 3 4. project diva f jp stack 5. project diva f 2nd 6. project diva x 7. rayman origins 8. pixeljunk shooter ultimate 9. need for speed most wanted (add me for this) 10. assassin's creed chronicles i suppose it defeats the purpose doing so many similar games lol i might add more later, weather permitting.
  7. bought these on ebay. cheaper than buying these 2 lego games on psn. virtue's last reward for the trophy stack and replaying before i do the sequel. also bought lego jurassic world and both lego ninjago games on psn which will make me caught up with the vita lego games
  8. i'm working on it regardless but i didn't see it say anything about this on the games store listing.
  9. # 159: The hungy horde - 3.22% #10,175 another fun, ezpz UR plat. I pretty much got addicted to this over the past 2 weeks. the only problem i had with the game was only working on 3 objectives at a time. it took me a little under 90 hours to plat and that could have been cut in half if it weren't for that.
  10. I wanna do UR plats. @HcG Clawz sound good?
  11. been hooked on playing the hungry horde lately. too fun to put down. easy UR plat too

  12. Anyone have phantom breaker battlegrounds on vita and wanna help me with the co-op trophy right quick? 

  13. update: got the trophies to unlock. the only thing different i did was download the game on a new memory card which i doubt was the fix. it probably is just random whether it'll work or not
  14. Haven’t felt like playing games much lately. Mostly been watching The office and feeling sad. 😪

    1. MMDE



    2. Kurorac


      I feel you, haven't played a video game in two months.

      But I have watched Parks and Recreation two times (really recommend it if you like the office). But you have to get through the first season (only six episodes) then it really is a great series.

    3. Vanilla


      I’ve seen parks and rec. loved it all the way through 

  15. anyone interested in doing war for cybertron with me?

    1. Ethan


      I'm in 😁