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  1. Quality game btw
  2. anyone have injustice on vita and can help me with an online trophy? yes, ive also set up a game session

  3. #153 and #154: epic mickey 2 ps3 - 1.94% and vita 0.70% ultra rare plats #20 and #21 and my first under 1% this game was really cool, but with the dozens of ways you can screw yourself out of a sidequest/collectible the platinum is pretty much impossible without a detailed video guide. it's also near impossible to get on vita now since it has ad-hoc trophies, was delisted, and wasnt released as a physical copy in north america. lucky me i bought it on an alt before it got delisted.
  4. Somehow fucked myself over in a side quest in epic Mickey 2 on vita but not ps3. My back up save is from 9 hours ago 😡😩

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vanilla


      I’ve been following the video guide and playing it on ps3 and vita at the same time. I didn’t thin any of the spatters to piss off Ian but he says I did. I think it’s because the slobber killed them all which the guy in the video did mention to avoid. Luckily that’s where my save is. 
      This plat is stress
    3. LordNEET


      It is, I followed the whole 40 or 50 hpur vid set on youtube and even then it was stressful. Still my rarest plat, but not for long.

    4. Vanilla


      I’m just gonna finish them off separately. It’ll take longer but be less of a headache 

  5. playing the same game on ps3 and vita at the same time while following a video guide is actually kinda tiring 



      Now that is dedication...

  6. #152 - my name is mayo (vita) - 98.02% why the fuck did i do this? my hand hurts now
  7. i forgot about this until i was tagged in this yesterday but i won anyways
  8. Ultra rare plats
  9. #151: New little king's story - 8.41% this game was super cute, an ezpz, and not a long plat. my plat time including things you need to idle for was about 50 hours, but playing through the story a second time for a trophy, skipping all the dialogue and playing on easy (i didnt know i could switch the first time) i finished all the story and boss fight quests in a little under 10 hours. so it can definitely be done quicker than i did it.
  10. anyone have frozen synapse prime on vita and want to do the online?

    1. ruffedgz


      I do not but I would make/start a game session for it to see if anyone would like to join and keep posting here as well to see if anyone will join it.



  11. maybe your internet just sucks. i have no problem loading any of that stuff
  12. is this the only enemy that drops this? it's the only food item i'm missing. i missed the opportunity to find it in the dig spot spawn and i eventually found a daily quest with this monster that ive been replaying for hours with no luck
  13. Anyone played new little kings story? Having the hardest time with the crazy meat drop. Finished everything else aside from this and princess levels. Need help :(

  14. with the size of my backlog i think i'll probably be dead before i finish
  15. they're just too good