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  1. #186: Senran kagura burst re:newal - 43.74% i played this just for an ezpz to get me back into gaming after not playing anything other than pokemon go for a while. the gameplay was fun, the visuals were great but don't ask me how the story was .
  2. my life has been pretty absorbed by pokemon go for the last 2 months so i doubt i'll hit my target for the year considering i set it kinda high. but who knows right?
  3. #184: LBP3 (ps3) - 2.62% the game's good, not great and definitely the weakest in the series. i only had one thing glitch on me and it was the "joust in time" level. the bubbles i needed to complete that level wouldn't unlock no matter how far i got and i couldnt find anyone online with that problem. i fixed it by just having someone join me with all the bubbles unlocked. the only really hard part of this one was acing the last 2 levels, which are still easier than doing the aces in the other games. thanks to sirwawa for helping me with the multiplayer quests. it's not mentioned in the guide but they only register for the host so that's kinda annoying, but thankfully there's only 3 of them. i'll probably stack this since i'm a sucker for annoying games and creating stress for myself.
  4. if you told me you did the blue ribbon trophy in bioshock infinite's dlc without the exploit i'd think you were lying. what a bs dlc

  5. #182: assassin's creed 3 - 5.41% and #183: assassin's creed 3 remastered - 17.72%
  6. #182 and #183 assassin's creed 3

  7. #181: AC liberation remastered - 19.87%
  8. since it's not the actual play time what good would this be really? you mention additional dlc's making times inaccurate but who doesn't have a few platinums with or without dlc they've dropped for a few months or years before finishing?
  9. #180: tomb raider: definitive edition - 5.58%
  10. #179: saints row 4: re-elected 15.40%
  11. 178: prototype - 3.31% i don't feel like this game and its ultra rares deserve to be as rare as they are. I struggled with this when i played it years ago but replaying it now I just breezed through all the challenges and hard mode. the 53,596 kill trophy is like a 2 hour grind after youre done everything, not a long grind. It took me way too long to realize this but there's videos for the collectibles because without videos thats really the worst part of this platinum.
  12. I started with 72.87 and my goal is 80%. I don’t know how reasonable that is since I’ve set this goal the past 2 years but I think I can.
  13. prototype on ps3