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  1. i'm working on it regardless but i didn't see it say anything about this on the games store listing.
  2. # 159: The hungy horde - 3.22% #10,175 another fun, ezpz UR plat. I pretty much got addicted to this over the past 2 weeks. the only problem i had with the game was only working on 3 objectives at a time. it took me a little under 90 hours to plat and that could have been cut in half if it weren't for that.
  3. I wanna do UR plats. @HcG Clawz sound good?
  4. been hooked on playing the hungry horde lately. too fun to put down. easy UR plat too

  5. Anyone have phantom breaker battlegrounds on vita and wanna help me with the co-op trophy right quick? 

  6. update: got the trophies to unlock. the only thing different i did was download the game on a new memory card which i doubt was the fix. it probably is just random whether it'll work or not
  7. Haven’t felt like playing games much lately. Mostly been watching The office and feeling sad. 😪

    1. MMDE



    2. Kurorac


      I feel you, haven't played a video game in two months.

      But I have watched Parks and Recreation two times (really recommend it if you like the office). But you have to get through the first season (only six episodes) then it really is a great series.

    3. Vanilla


      I’ve seen parks and rec. loved it all the way through 

  8. anyone interested in doing war for cybertron with me?

    1. Ethan


      I'm in 😁

  9. #158: Croixleur sigma (vita) #10,025 - 7.66% struggled with this one the past few days. there's no trophy guide but luckily all the trophies are pretty straight forward. the dialogue is generic anime garbage, the gameplay is fast paced and took a bit to gitgud at. the hard part is you need to beat "local" scores in every mode which are just in games times and scores you have to beat. the only ones that really gave me trouble were extra mode and dungeon and i ended up getting 7th for one of the characters and 11th for dungeon mode in worldwide scores. it's a decent game and i'm surprised it's not a rarer plat. might even do a guide for it since there is none
  10. as long as you have enough decent players then yes. it's not hard or long to do but you'll get the occasional random that doesn't give a fuck, ruins things, and follows your lobbies.
  11. 10k trophies 👌🏻😍

    1. donut_plz


      wow. Nice milestone!

      I just checked mine and just cracked 1800 only. 😆

    2. Fidel


      A Neptunia milestone, nice. 

    3. ee28max


      Great milestone! 👍

  12. # 157: plants vs zombies (vita)
  13. #157 plants vs zombies vita 

    1. Fidel


      Nice work!

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  14. Looks like the dlc was already removed on the NA store. It’s not under the game or when I searched the dlc by title. The game is 12.99 too
  15. I did the online for this and the only real problematic trophy is “flaming hot” you need to be top 10% in a track that changes daily and people cheat it, it’s possible but it was hard af. All the xp shit can be self boosted with alts on the same ps3 and all the misc online are ezpz.