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  1. Way to go @Zen Studios for trying to fix it for 2 years @Yuichiro-Akuhei I will try this method - thanks. I also struggle with few (like 5) Star Wars tables - I think at least Han Solo table is and old one and should be imported.
  2. I see you can use rewind but can you use it all the way for the ball to return to playfield or you still need to nudge the table so it will return via the flippers?
  3. Commando is awesome game. Pity the 3rd lvl infinity point glitch does not work still it is doable. Gun smoke is another melody - damn hard.
  4. I think not as we start earlier and it goes wrong before the psn went down.
  5. can not get this to work with ARK SURVIAL and method 1. tried with a friend and it seems to crash on the data to run the application mark. HTTP Status Code: 400 , CE-40848-4
  6. For me with debug mode on the metal heads stop popping after i had like 150 or so. Any one know any solutions to this?
  7. Can someone write a step by step manual how to get it to work on vita? I can use L3 but L2 and R1 (as stated in ps4 guide version does not seems to work)
  8. good question. i do not see it in asia store or hk store. maybe I do not know how to search for it....
  9. I can not find it on Asia store - do you know when it will be there?
  10. Is it VR only game?
  11. so we still can do the ab plat if you dont have this trophy or not?
  12. afaik it will stay up but ranked stats will not be count so it might be not possible to do ranked match related trophies
  13. Hi mates! I will played all your levels - got them in queue. Please please mine: adas_2008 It is lame in did - sorry for that. I m not best creator, my 6 years old son made this Thanks in advance Andrew and his son Adam