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  1. Elden ring for me.
  2. So im currently trying to get God of War Ragnarok done before the new Year or maybe unlock the Platinum at exact midnight on the 1st of January But idk what trophy would be good to unlock last for that idea. Im still playing through the game atm. Do you guys have anything similar in mind with a different game? Or working on getting game/s done before the new year starts?
  3. Just to make it clear: The actual important Part of the Playstation 5 like Performance, graphics, games etc is in my Opinion really good and im really enjoying my time playing videogames again but theres just a few things that are kinda worse or more annoying aswell imo. Such as the Ps Store for example. Its just a mess . Sometimes it shows the same game 3-4 times under highlights ( i had that with saints row where it literally showed the same game under highlights, brandnew and new games + as a commercial) like 4 times the same picture next to each other. it just seems weird. Also when i go to newest games it shows the same game every single time as the newest release (game called Dont fall: aleph). And its been like a month now. Is that a glitch or something? Editing videos seems abit worse then on the ps4, you cant create folders on the main screen, when i compare trophies with a friend it doesnt show some of my games even tho i played them. The time played doesnt show properly. I played astros playroom for 5 hours but it says less then 1 hour played. Same with ratchet and clank and some other games. Some games dont show up at all. When i unplug my mic midgame the audio turns weird and quite. So i figured i have to go to the ps homescreen then go back into the game to fix it. The friendlist seems worse aswell. You cant check or like any activities of your friends. Theres no news feed. So even though i like to play games on the ps5 but for all these other small features i find it better to log onto my ps4. I hope they just make it better in the future with updates and fixes.
  4. I personally miss games having multiplayer modes such as far cry 3, assassins creed brotherhood, last of us, crysis 3 etc. Its gives me a reason to go back to a game even after years. Nowadays non of these titles have mutliplayer anymore and youre forced to play CoD or fortnite etc. which isnt fun to me so anyway .. For me the worst requirement are missables because i dont like looking at a guide when i play. Im ok if it takes me longer to plat if i dont use a guide aslong as theres no missables.
  5. Some people create a new account to have 100% completion on them. Or when they switch to a new generation console like from ps3 to ps4. Kinda like a new beginning
  6. Also why i mention this is that the multiplayer of this game had a big community playing it still after years. I remember going back many years later and there was still full lobbies of people playing. Probably still today if the servers are up. I dont understand why they didnt continue that in part 2
  7. People forget how good the mp of this game was. I started it after completing the main game and was imediately hooked for a week or two. Was so addictive and fun. I remember when part 2 was announced one of my first thoughts was: i hope that the multiplayer will be as good as in the first game. Its sad they completely left it out. Same with this Remake.. Will probably play it when its on a good sale or free
  8. I had similar struggles a while back. What worked for me was to figure out what i enjoy the most about Gaming (which wasnt easy) and then slowly adding more Weight in that Direction and start cutting the parts i dont enjoy. Now i feel happy playing Games again like i used to on Ps3
  9. umm PsnID: Ozetkiller Language: English System: Ps3 Ps4 Vita Accept Blank request: i dont think you can send a message anymore when adding someone. Atleast on ps4. Im abit more casual gaming atm
  10. Imagine someone new buying the playstation to play god of war and instead of seeing kratos face all they see is mark from breakthrough games. I have nothing against indie game, nothing against easy games but THIS is literal spam in the ps store every day. Sony allows this to happen and no big media is reporting about this issue. For me it also destroyed the fun of trophy hunting but yeah whatever. Ill just ignore it i guess
  11. Im not someone who blames people doing easy platinums since i have alot of them too. My goal was to reach 1000 platinums so ive done alot of those 1 hour platinums stacks. And it was all cool in the beginning with ratalaika games etc every now and then But now the ps store is getting flooded every day with 3-4 of these games that basically have no gameplay and look like crap. Noone really speaks out about it. This is not fun anymore and ive stopped trophy hunting a few month ago when this started. Sony needs to stop this. The ps store is a mess you cant even see normal games anymore inbetween them. Atleast add a filter to blend this spam out..
  12. I remember when hannah montana was the easiest platinum and became a meme..
  13. This makes me want to try this Game How would you rate it from 1-10 Thanks for this Review