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  1. Damn you FROM SOFT! Must buy, must kill for more souls. I think I'm going hollow.
  2. Anyone else gotten as far as NG+++ or been in the Undead crypt with the flame at 4? Just wondering because I was fighting King Vendrick like I always do and he did something I've never seen him do before. He threw like a pyromancy black fireball, was totally unexpected, it didn't hit me so I don't know exactly what it was. But it was shaped like a ball of dark matter, similar to the chest that summons all the spiders, that ball of dark energy that was in that chest but bigger, before the Congregation Boss fight.
  3. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. - Rufus FF7 No one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can't run anywhere except where its rails take it. - Cloud FF7
  4. Ancient dragon is totally optional. If you're wanting it's soul go back to where you fought Freja and interact with this rock underneath the giant dragon in there you'll enter the dragon's memory and once you interact with that dragon you'll get an ancient dragon soul with no hassle.
  5. Wasn't a twinblade. I'd recognize it easily only had a blade on the front not the back. If only I could find a picture of this weapon. Pretty sure I just found it. If you know what the Mastodon Halberd looks like thats what he was using. Again I was behind his ass and he hit me with a VERTICAL swing.
  6. Halberds, I hate halberds so much in this game just like in the last one. I can't ever fucking tell where the range is. I swear to god every fucking time I get hit when I'm no where near its tip yet I get his somehow. Someone mind explaining this BS to me? Ok, been invaded by the same guy 3 times now IDK what weapon he's using but it's super fucked, I roll behind him he goes in the complete opposite fucking direction and does a vertical swing and hits me while I'm behind him. Idk if the motherfucker is cheating or if he's got horrible fucking lag. All I know is that it's complete BULLSHIT!
  7. Just a heads up on the Bonfire ascetics if nobody knew this already, but if you use one to create a ng+ boss/enemies when you restart your journey or journey2/ng+ that area will be NG++. Bonfire ascetics make places more difficult in the future as well. So watch out. Does anyone else feel that magic in this game is OP? I don't remember magic in Dark Souls being this strong, every time I get invaded it's always by someone who's playing a mage or has got magic in one of the other slots. I get OHK/cheap killed far to often that way really really annoying.
  8. Yes once you get the ashen mist heart from the Ancient Dragon, which I DO NOT suggest attacking because it will OHK you regardless of armor, you go back to the forest of the fallen giants and interact with the giants/trees and enter their memories. If you go back to where you fought Freja you can enter an ancient dragons memory and get the ancient dragon soul with no problems or you can fight the Dragon that gave you the ashen mist heart again though I can't recommend it. But in the memories of the fallen giants should be 3 to interact with you need to find 3 giants that are dead already, they are also exits to the giants memories as well unless you run out of time. Also there are two giants in the black gulch you can find them by getting in between the two worms that come out of the wall and looking down with the torch you should see a ledge to drop to then from there drop down from the previous ledge to the right. The second ledge looks like you can't stand on it but you can it's extremely narrow from that ledge go back towards the ledge you dropped down from to get to it and there should be one there. Once you've gotten to that ledge it'll open into a cave but beware to giants are looming inside for killing both you receive a Giant's soul. You should be able to get 4 giant souls this way and they will help you do actual damage to King Vendrick. IDK about the ancient dragon soul though but ideally you want to have 4 or more giant souls although I think you can only get 4 per play through.
  9. Bad news they didn't respawn after I used the bonfire ascetic after beating them once. But I've managed to get the gauntlets twice the armor and leggings, still need that helm.
  10. Well I used an Ascetic earlier to respawn the defender and watcher and queen for more souls so I'll see if they respawn more than once.
  11. It's a flash sale on both Tomb Raider and Thief and like the topic says till the 27th.
  12. looked for a physical copy as soon as I saw that on psn Amazon is generally the cheapest. Or usually is every time I check but it was selling for 49.99. Also Tomb Raider Definitive edition is also on sale for 29.99 on PSN.
  13. Thief is 29.99 on PSN only. So I'm wondering should I get it? Is it worth 30 dollars? What I also want to know is how much replay ability is there? Also about how long is it?
  14. The Ruin armor set basically the armor they wear.
  15. I was also a Strength build when I fought him and I got killed by him at least a dozen times before I got lucky and somehow stun locked his ass. I used the Watchers Greatsword, otherwise I was dodging like a MF!