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  1. I wish I had waited for the PS4 edition it was so close ((
  2. Thanks everyone for such quick responses Altergigo you said it that's exactly what I'm afraid of and you're right id prob be waiting a year at least. I'm going to buy it tomorrow, I think I just needed a little push. See you guys in Drangleic!!
  3. So I just played through all of the first Dark Souls and am dying to play this one. The graphics look amazing and way more fluid than the original. But now since they announced this DLC trilogy I'm at a crossroads. I'd much rather like to buy a GOTY or Complete edition of DSII with all the dlc bundled together rather than buying them all separate and digitally. But, I did hear that they might not do a bundle for the ps3 like with AotA for DSI. So heres my question: should I wait for a complete edition to be released (which may never happen) to get all of them together possibly on a physical disc (preferred) or cave in and satiate my suicidal lust now and go out and buy a copy at Gamestop. What do you guys think?
  4. I'm sorry but Knack looks like its gona be a complete flop...
  5. Horror games have always had a niche audience and I feel they will always be. But with the advent of today's growing modding community and indie developers there is probably even more potential now than there was before for new great scary games.
  6. Dead Space 2 fucking impossible difficulty the only trophy left. I'm all for beating games on the hardest settings but only giving me 3 saves for a whole playthrough thats just fucking insane.
  7. Mine is my family's name in Gaelic "breathnach" although I had to shorten it since the original was already taken

  9. A Machine for Pigs better be at E3 this year I need something to scratch my horror itch real soon

  10. I wish the PS4 was backwards compatible. that would've really sold me to buy it :(

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    2. daftprophet


      ^It's the principle of the matter. "Most" gamers want that..."most" would pay premium to have that. I know I would. I will still keep my PS3 as well, but what happens to all the games that have bullshit online? They die. I would like to continue to play my PS and PS2 games on it as well. I no longer have a PS2 so this would be an instant buy for me just like my 80gb fatty PS3 was (it was fully backwards compatible but died last june)

    3. Orlay_


      It's impossible because the PS3 is built on an entirely different processing design.

    4. breathnac


      Well I'm gona be moving out soon and my parents like using netflix on it so it would have been perfect timing. The only thing that'll make me really want to buy it now is if they had an incredible line up of next gen games. So far though their are plenty of games for the PS3 I still need to play that'll keep me happy for a couple years.

  11. This was plenty hard to decide but I found that I loved older games from my childhood so much more than the ones I've been playing more recently. It's always the nostolgia that gets me. 1) dot Hack (Theres something about this series that I love so much and I cant quite place it the hacking, coma victims, poetic symmetry, beautiful music...It's all of it I guess) 2) Breath of Fire II (hard choice to pick between II and IV they are both sooooo good) 3) Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (I also want to put Link's Awakening on here!) 4) Diablo I as well as II (the Butcher always terrified me as a child) 5) Silent Hill 2 (I 've played this more recently but psychological horror and symbolism are 2 themes I absolutely love and are perfectly mixed in this story)
  12. SIREN: Blood Curse to go down in price....been waiting 5 years...