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  1. Bit late but they’re resettable bosses so you can go back and kill them. Happened to me with Krom.
  2. If you’ve got a bugged challenge just enter and exit the hive a few times and search again. I was doing this to cheese the spider webs and my last fight challenge popped up for me.
  3. They’re literally easy af to find. They pop up on radar from like a mile away.
  4. If you can’t find any glitched lobbies. Just do LAN glitch for 2xp and farm Tesoro Azul. Only take you 2 or 3 goes to get your average run down to 3 mins. Around 5-6 mins will get you 2.4k xp with the glitch. A 2 min 40 run whilst keeping 42 kill chain will get you up to 3.6k.
  5. I did CarX for June lol. But I didn’t do two trilogies that are in the series for July so I’m out anyways.
  6. If you’ve played GTA in the last few months. The longest trophy is lvl100 and even that is maybe 15-20 hours now. Unless you’re absolutely fucking awful at the game then double it. There’s so many 2/3x modes now it makes my old accounts mission grinding look like a bloody joke. Whether or not the game is worth it though is on an individual basis. It’s still a shit load of fun to play with friends and just prat around on outside of trophy hunting.
  7. You know I could actually still do it potentially. Depends if I get the new PS thing and do the R&C’s since that’s one of the series I wanna do out of it. I’ve already done 3 Borderlands games. Pre sequel, tiny tinas one shot and tales. I’ve already got Rift Apart physical from a few months back that I was supposed to get around to but I got caught up in these competitions. Currently got BO4, Unravel 2, Steep and CarX to pop in July. Haven’t been doing too bad on Trackmania and I’m not planning on starting Absolver till this time next week so if I get ahead and find someone in the UK getting the new PS+ who will gameshare I’ll smash out R&C to keep me in the running.
  8. Don’t think I’ll make it. Realistically I could easily. But for the next 2 months I’m going on a difficulty stint 😂. Finishing off BO4 plat, CarX, Steep, Absolver, TMT, I Am Bread, Destiny 1 and Unravel 2.
  9. Nah it’s pretty easy. They’ll only be a squad there if someone dropped nearby and hears you shooting. There’s another option on same map. Dropping geysers with loba and looting the stuff out of the locked vault. Takes a couple mins since you gotta wait for the ult to charge up a 2nd time.
  10. Switch your team thing up to attacking. Use L1+X to pass which forces your players to make runs. So even if you can’t make a play right off the bat they’re still further up the pitch so you’ve got a better chance at making an opportunity. If you don’t have fast players I would advice playing tiki taka and going for crosses. For defending it’s just about learning how your opponent plays. Do they play tiki taka or are they one of those guys who are awful and think they’re dribbling gods? Or are they relying on the speed of their better players? Just don’t try force a tackle outright. If you can see a player making a run on what would be an open position for an over top through ball, use R3 and flick it until that player is equipped and start running back ready to intercept. And hold R1 so there’s still an AI putting pressure on their current player with the ball. Forces them to make a play or they’ll run directly into your AI. You could technically move your gk if they’re pushing but I wouldn’t do that unless you’re 100% sure they’re going to shoot in a certain direction otherwise the ball is without a doubt gonna go in the net.
  11. It’s about personal skill really. I got it with the very first 66 rating starter team and all the guys I were playing against had 85+ teams. I haven’t played a fifa since 16 but I can still remember a lot of stuff from back then.
  12. Since my profile for this year is one big mess I went through it and made a list of everything I’ve done so far that counts towards the current challenges we know of. The 100% games and the DLC’s Titanfall 2 - shooter God of War - Hack and Slash Fall Guys - Platform Pre Sequel - shooter Kona PS5 - puzzle Tiny Tinas One Shot - shooter Cars 3 - racing CoD MWR - shooter Bugsnax - adventure Sayonara Wild Hearts - arcade Unravel - Platform No Mans Sky PS4 - shooter Control - shooter Dark Souls Remastered - RPG Spongebob - Platform Rocket League - Racing Pre Sequel 2 DLC’s Minecraft 11 DLC’s GTA 5 1 DLC No Mans Sky 1 DLC Control 2 DLC’s Rocket League 2 DLC’s
  13. So I was looking through my list so see if I could find a second ‘trilogy’ to do to avoid having to look and buy a new one. I’ve got SR4 Re-Elected and SR Gat Out of Hell. I’ve only got a few dlc trophies to do from SR4. So if I bought SR3 and 100%’d that, would that count towards July? Or do I have to look for another trilogy? Did some more searching and would the first 3 Shantae games count? First one doesn’t have a platinum. But I don’t have the 4th game in that series. They all meet the criteria for the Games still. Nvm first game only has 14 trophies. I gotta look for another 😂
  14. Phew I still meet the April requirements. If you guys haven’t done an arcade game yet. I highly recommend Sayonara Wild Hearts. Arcade isn’t my kind of genre but it was huge fun and short and still meets requirements for the comp. Dang didn’t notice July got changed too. I don’t think I have 7 different series even if 2 of the Spyro games count.
  15. I’m right here with you on platformers lol. I was raised on CoD and Fifa. And now I’m into the open world games more than anything. Crash 1 was an absolute pain. But 2 and 3 are supposed to be easier and I’ve already got a trophy for #2 so I’m definitely gonna commit to it eventually. And may as well do 3 with it to finish off the trilogy. Nice one on the 6 games lad. I’m not gonna do Spyro for a bit to be fair. There was a bug on Brazilian PS Store and they’ve gotten Ghost of Tsushima for free. So that’s my next long game whilst I do Concrete Genie and then Ghostrunner. After those I’m gonna do Fallout 4 and work on R&C Rift Apart when I’m halfway through it as a palette cleanser. At the same time I’m playing Unravel 2 maybe 2 hours a week or so with a friend and that’ll also get done eventually. Right now I’m just cleaning up a bunch of DLC’s.