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  1. hay thanks for this
  2. Does any one know how to unlock this trophy' see you around kid {Complete all of the events in the Galaxy} do i have to %100 the game or is it for complete all side missions, puzzles, trials and challenges ??
  3. Hi everyone this trophy is not popping for me Doing the Rounds Trap Zoe in the effigy, strangle Sophia with the necklace, force the Constant to come quietly. I have tried it 2 to 3 times now still nothing
  4. hay thanks that worked.
  5. I have done them all to 100% but they are show at 0% but fount a weird work around for it , you have to complete all orders up to around 50%ish mark then complete the order and then go back to the order and then finish it to 100% and the it will show as 100% and not 0%