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  1. I know this thread is quite old now but I need help with the polyamory trophy.
  2. I've been using this method. It's rather effective, going to get to level 40 and then continue the game from there.
  3. Yeah the champagne exploit. Did you guys use this method or the bloodbath arena?
  4. Is the Level exploit still able to be used in the definitive edition? If not what is the best/quickest way to level up?
  5. I have a problem. I collected 100 treasures in the game and it registered that I missed one in chapter 11. The one near to where you have to stick the lamp in the floor to complete the puzzle. I then re did the chapter only to find the treasure wasn't there. I've then started a new fresh game without the treasures carried over, got to chapter 11 and it's not there. I have no idea what to do other than delete and reinstall the game from scratch.
  6. Can anyone confirm if this glitch works on Uncharted 2? I'm on the penultimate chapter and I have around 15 minutes left to finish it.
  7. I have all the trophies for Uncharted 1. I got to chapter 6 on my first speed run before starting again as I felt I took too long, the second speedrun I managed it with about 12 minutes to spare and that was done on easy with a few mistakes. I just wondered if doing it on explorer made it even easier.
  8. Do the speedrun trophies unlock when playing on explorer mode? Or do you have to do it on at least easy?
  9. Would only bother me if it was available with more than 500GB of memory and/or it was priced a lot cheaper than the standard PS4.
  10. Have any of you had the 'career criminal' trophy glitch? I have and I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game data along with disconnecting from PSN. But still nothing.
  11. Have any of you finished it 100% and not got the trophy for it?
  12. I finished single player 100% last weekend and got no trophy for it. I've done everything necessary for it and this is the first trophy to glitch on me. Any ideas? Would deleting the game data and reinstalling work?
  13. Would anyone be able to help me with this one? This is the only one I need for zombies now. I've tried to get it a couple of times but just didn't get it.