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  1. Oh, yeah. xn--xce was a website that had older patches but doesn't exist anymore. I just searched for it on the wayback machine at the internet archive. Here is a link to one of the snapshots: It's just text, but I think this might be version 1.04:
  2. I forgot I was supposed to be doing this event so I only completed 4 games. >.< J-Stars Victory VS+ God of War God of War II Papo & Yo
  3. My favorite is I Expect You to Die. I need to buy the sequel soon.
  4. Thanks! That seems to work for the physical edition too.
  5. It only appears as DLC when you select additional DLC to download when you start downloading from scratch. I guess that means it won't work with a physical copy? Probably why I never could find how to download it on PS5.
  6. Sounds Shapes was actually pretty hard. The first time.
  7. NekoAtsume VR (ねこあつめ VR) is out in NA now. The trophy list is the same but can be in English now.ねこあつめ-vr
  8. Okay, thanks!
  9. So this game is finally released outside of Japan. I have it in NA. It uses the same list, which is now in English. I was going to ask about the list on this website being in English or not, it was Japanese yesterday. But now it appears in English to me. Despite the logo still being Japanese, does it still need the JP tag? Also I tried searching for the game yesterday and it didn’t show up under “neko” because the title was still in Japanese.
  10. Anyone know a site other than orbispatches? It doesn’t have any older patches. Edit: For anyone wondering. Just use
  11. Does anyone know of a working website with update .json links? I want to downgrade to different, older patches (like 1.18) of the Japanese version. I found orbispatches but they only go down to 1.23. Also, I did the 1.26 downgrade on both my PS4 and PS5 but I don’t see Comrades to download on PS5. I can only find it on PS4. Edit: I used the wayback machine for some of the patch websites that don't work anymore. Looks like they didn't have patch 1.18 either. I could still use some help locating Comrades on PS5, though. If anyone knows how.
  12. It's ridiculously stupid. How hard is it to fit the graphic into the square like you're supposed to.
  13. I thought it was available but I didn't realize there was a separate set for the free version.