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  1. I have the plat on my old account, It's not so much the grind as it is the world bosses. Even with the small player base the bosses are dead within minutes of respawn and with a several hour reset makes even seeing their corpse difficult. Added to the challenge is the fact that even if you find one someone more geared than you can steal the kill since credit is given based on damage dealt. That said most farmers are generally okay with inviting you to the kill, just don't try to steal loot. I only got the platinum because I was suffering severe insomnia and was awake early mornings to check spawns, so really not a grind just get yourself a crippling mental illness and you're golden.
  2. I read the trophy guide and it says Co-op or solo, but looking around on youtube I cant find any videos of people vs NPCs. While i dont mind going against players sometimes i like to leisurely beat up on some CPUs. Can i get the platinum in the "offline" mode?
  3. The only thing that I can think of was using the new crossbow in a mission for the 1st time, But for your situation i'd try reimporting your save from ps4( backup current ps5 save> delete data> import save from ps4) Then try modding and remodding every weapon. If that still doesn't work try my method of just continuing on while using different weapons and hope for the best. Unfortunately it seems like this has been an issue since they added the trophy even on PC, At least that's what I have seen while searching for a solution
  4. I unlocked both a primary and secondary a long time ago, I thought that I needed one for each class when it didn't pop, Well last night I got all weapons unlocked and still no trophy . If you are new make a backup before you finish the assignment to unlock your second weapon just in case. So far everything else has been working i just hope it stays this way I'm going to backup my save and start a new account hopefully will fix it. Honestly im glad i started on the ps4 version even though I have a ps5, my + account is different then my main so I have no way to backup saves and with a long game like this i'd probably quit. Update: I did NOT restart since I had just planned on doing this trophy last, While playing it just randomly popped after a mission so I guess it works just not always on time
  5. I can only answer pre-witch queen, but yes PS+ was required to do anything group related whether matchmaking or just inviting friends. I highly doubt it has changed with the latest DLC. Theoretically you CAN get platinum solo since it doesn't require raids(getting 100% requires 1 tho) but you will need to be able to solo a grandmaster nightfall which most people cannot do. Sadly Destiny doesn't fall into that category, while you can play the game you are locked out of content that the game is based around ; Strikes,crucible, gambit, raids. Meaning all that you can do is bounties and run around on patrol.
  6. Correct that character only, the gear while not perfect lasted me from 30(pre-WT) to around 32 again if its your 1st boosted char dont delete it right away EDIT: Forgot to mention the gear is always the same stats and type so no need to try multiple boosts, but because im a bad sniper i used that boosted character to go run a control point in an area with targeted loot for a smg and got lucky with a few better peices
  7. A little trick make a second character, run the prologue to the white house then boost that character, re-equip your grey gear and toss the gear they give you in the stash, this will help you out right out the gate once you hit 30 even before world tiers. Another tip dont bother too much about clearing the map of side content(unless you want to) get to 30>Get to WT5> Either farm bounties for specialization points(every bounty at 30 give you between 3 to 5 points) once you hit 40 most bounties atleast as far as i can see dont give points meaning you only get the 3 per level or from projects > Or go straight to NYC, as long as you reach WT5 naturally it wont boost your character which locks ALL trophies except NYC(even the iron horse raid didnt pop on my boosted character which pissed me off) doing this lets you go back at 40 and run side missions later on a little bit faster since you can have a decent build EDIT: I forgot! if its your 1st boosted character dont delete it! they give you a bunch of resources which you can share with your main later on i made this mistake and while not a huge boost its enough to do the project that gives you an exotic cache
  8. Just a note: You can not get eagle bearer from discovery mode(matchmaking) but you can get the trophy
  9. I just got 100% today, yes there are tons of 4 player groups but just queue for the raid you can do it at 30 much easier since in regular missions people will run ahead very fast
  10. 5 that require full groups, the 2 conflict ones, 1 for taking a photo of 4 agents in a group and then the hardest to achieve the 2 raid ones. The conflict ones are easy enough as the queue at 40 is fast. The photo one is also easy just do it while trying to do the raid ones. Now the reason the 2 raid trophies are the hardest is because they require 8 players in addition to finishing the raid, Ive done dark hours twice now and iron horse once but because i did them with under 8 players no trophy. The matchmaking pool for these is almost dead on console taking a long time to get a full team and they usually have quitters if you wipe and while you can do them with fewer teamates no trophy
  11. While you don't NEED the DLC to plat, almost noone plays at level 30 so unless you plan to just one-and-done the game then getting the DLC at some point is recommended. If you are just wanting to try it out though 12 bucks isnt too much for all the time you can spend playing. If you have a friend or 2 its much more enjoyable when i played 2 years ago it was kinda boring solo and i ended up just speed running through missions and skipping dialogue(which the dialogue in Div1 is way more intriguing) One big issue though is if you gameshare the DLC is not shared meaning you'll need to buy it for each account, just something to take note of. Edit: since i didnt answer the question, IMO if you like shooters that are more tactical its most certainly worth the buy, While the DLC is only worth it if you are going for 100% or you end up actually enjoying the game, You can do everything in the base game just fine without it though so dont feel compelled to buy it.
  12. The update issue yeah its just a bad batch but the stick drift aslong as its not self caused is actually because of dust, there is nothing on these controllers to stop dust ingress it'll build up around the edge and when you press down such as to sprint all the dust is now inside your controller messing up these open sensors. Try taking a some compressed air and push down on the stick then apply the air then just give it a few spins both left and right. If you used the controller extensively with games that require you to press the sticks regularly you can also try to recenter the stick as it can shift due to poor design. Simply press straight down on the stick be sure to keep it perfectly straight then move the stick top,bottom,left and right and push in ,dont go crazy just push til it bottoms out try to be as precise as you can, after you've done all 4 directions then press down firmly in the center do this maybe 3 times ideally clean it at the same time and chances are you're good. Now obviously there is a chance that you cant fix it but thats should be pretty rare at this age on the product most of the people with stickdrift will just buy a new controller when its usually just dirty unless you've decided that you need to put all your strength when you push the sticks in. That said these sensors in the controllers are garbage and they wont last long, designed to fail shortly after warranty and considering most consumers would rather buy a new controller at the drop of the hat under-engineering your controllers so they fail in a predictable manner is huge money. 70$ used for a simple controller they could easily add a dust cover under the sticks but why when you can not only save a penny on cost you earn more on new sales/
  13. For anyone hesitant in starting this game up getting 100% is extremely fast with the seasonal character if you are willing to use a second account its even easier. Before i started on my main account i used my alt account to get to 70 and did the seasonal challenges to get the free gear set which took me maybe 4 hours this step isnt actually needed but its faster to level running T5-6 then to solo level. Now i actually like the necromancer class so this made getting the trophies easier, since it is the only class with specific trophies tied to it. Contrary to alot of google searchs you do NOT have to run the story to have adventure mode unlocked if you start on a seasonal character. I recall when i played this game years ago getting the elite kills took forever but this current season rifts seem to have a ton of elites in them aswell as treasure goblins far more then what i remember from years ago. Im currently only missing running the story, 3 more goblins and 150 more bounties. Now what i will say im enjoying the game but the 500 bounty trophy is killing my joy even if I wasnt rushing it by picking certain bounties and then resetting it takes so long for less reward then just running rifts but overall not too bad about a minute per. The point is: if you're looking to get into this game in the current year, its still fun and the trophies are very easy to get and will take far less time then the original guides
  14. I mean yeah he plays too much but 300~ was always my estimate you can get to level 25 in 10-12 hours if thats all you are aiming for. This game isnt a brand new IP its been out so there is info floating around any trophy hunter would look into that before playing and plan accordingly. If you are running round spending 30+ minutes each mission yeah 500 hours is about right but there are ways to go faster even without mission joining you can get to 25 in around 13 hours BUT you have to plan for that it wont be the natural progression of the game. For me I just dont enjoy the game THAT much to want to play on my main account. its a fun game but i know the grind to gold is boring/tedious
  15. Honestly its kinda whats putting me off playing it as i didnt really care for the engineer and the thought of having to grind it out just makes me simply play it on my alt account