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  1. doing research and the answer is that they use a cheat engine to get the neighbourhoods to 3.
  2. I think it could be the previous patches of the game or as you say, the DLC content. Nearly have the platinum myself and yes minimum amount is seven. Doesn't take too long though as I have had 2 factions spawn in my starting district so I don't have to take over as much thug districts to get to them. I may purchase the DLC as its on sale and go for 100% and see if it changes the amount that method.
  3. Hi guys - easiest way to win set the following: - 7 neighbourhood's - 7 gangsters - easiest difficulty Run around the whole map and meet each boss and set up business arrangements with them all. Them set them all to kill eachother and leave 1 boss left. Then just kill the boss and you win. Takes about 3-4 hours per game depending on luck. Makes doing a run with no gangsters much easier. Any questions message me on PSN: STMN_97