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  1. when i seach the game trophy list in the site it keep showing this but other feature on the site still fine what happen ++ Error 500 Houston, We Have A Problem. Internal Server Error What does this mean? Something went wrong on our servers while we were processing your request. An error has occurred and this resource cannot be displayed. This occurrence has been logged, and a highly trained team of monkeys has been dispatched to deal with your problem. We're really sorry about this, and will work hard to get this resolved as soon as possible. This error can be identified by f3bef92d-4ed3-4653-a126-da8d8ec18d54. You might want to take a note of this code. Perhaps you would like to go to our home page?
  2. same problem happen to me sometime my log update but the card not
  3. mayo is the best 😁
  4. same problem as North america region just wait around 3-4 day
  5. still can't download ....
  6. same error code for vita but my ps4 version download just fine
  7. wait wait wait
  8. if trophy from artifax mundi game not unlock i suggess to delete your save game first and try... if still not unlock you should delete and reinstall the hole game again
  9. Energy Cycle edge on Vita 😁😁
  10. i think my 1 st playthrough trophy didn't pop because my vita enter sleepmode before i complete the 4 secret level ( i complete 2 stage >>Sleepmode >> complete another 2 >> not pop ) So my Second speedrun i play in one sitting it seem fine
  11. after i delete save data and start a fresh new playthrough problem solve ++
  12. -*- secret level trophy seem to glitch for me i finish 4 of them but trophy should't pop
  13. thank man.
  14. i just wonder how you play Digital only PSVita Game on your account i think you use european account but the vita game on your list some game from NA or Asia region.
  15. on the PS4 version i found it Easy to play compare to the Vita version.. easy Control , more accuracy , Good framerate My best time on vita is 6.XX but PS4 is 5.XX