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  1. Not exactly a groundbreaking choice at this point but Skyrim would probably be it. Decent enough graphics and gameplay that isn't too demanding.
  2. Play the new Lego Star Wars Try to finish off Fallout 4 after three years of disregarding it.
  3. About eighty on the western front and twenty for Japanese. I never really could latch on to games like Mario Kart, Soulsborne, Zelda, and Metal Gear in comparison to say Baldur's Gate, Fallout (1&2, not the Bethesda drek), and the Metro series. Nonetheless the way they are made is unique and I still respect their contribution to gaming history. Not to mention in comparison to my preferences they aren't easy to simply replicate. Some contributions that I love from Japanese media though is Akira Kurosawa's films (without them the West would have big missing chunks in our recent cinematic framework) like Kagemusha, Yojimbo, and Throne of Blood. Anime(s) would be Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories (segments 1&3. that second one was just ugh.), Jin-Roh: the Wolf Brigade, and One Punch Man. Manga would just have to be Battle Angel Alita. No music sadly that I ever liked.
  4. Spider-Man (2018) Game of the Year. While the open world sometimes felt a bit barren, the side activities, story writing, combos, and little nods to the comics and movies satisfied my intent. Hopefully the Wolverine game in the pipeline is just as amazingly done as a service to the character as this one was for Spidey. Also glad because this is what caused me to defect as an XBOX user (2016-2020) and join the wonderful PlayStation ecosystem, I suppose.
  5. Robin Williams by and large. Good Morning, Vietnam and Mork and Mindy just showcases what manic energy he had and still make his death feel really tragic to this day. For television it'd probably be Michael Richards. Kramer is one of my favorite TV characters. Honorable mention: Don Knotts, The Three Stooges
  6. In the later stages of the 4's life cycle so far, it'd be these: 1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt- I could gush about this game for hours, but will leave it at the following reasons. The mythology, dynamic choice system, and skill trees make this RPG a standout that will not and shall not be forgotten for what beauty comes out of a video game company that dares to innovate and be creative. 2. Spider-Man (2018)- Being a Spider-fan it hits all the right spots with the combo moves, decent writing, and open world New York. 3. Fallout 4- Being a fan of Fallout 2, New Vegas, and 3 this one felt kind of disappointing but nonetheless is a very fun looter shooter with great gunplay and open world. Extra props for referencing Colonial History (nearly lost my calm when this came out and I saw the U.S.S. Constitution was in this game). 4. Grand Theft Auto V- with HDR and a fresh lick of paint this game looks gorgeous. 5. Shadow Warrior- never really cared for the DOOM clones back in the day but Flying Hog gave this one his own identity and makes a great time killer with Lo Wang and Hochi's charisma (feels almost reminiscent of a buddy cop movie) and the simple yet entertaining sword n' gore. 6. Skyrim 7. Ghost of Tsushima 8. Metro Exodus 9. Resident Evil VII 10. Red Dead 2
  7. Only remember her from a couple episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show but regardless she was massive talent and will be missed. A big bucket of win for Miss White and may she rest in peace!
  8. Top 5 albums is as follows: Ride the Lightning- Metallica (1984) Has the raw energy of Kill 'Em All but also has a more intricate songwriting process that would evolve (continuously) across Puppets, Justice, and Metallica. Master of Reality- Black Sabbath (1971) Showcases the varying talents of all the Sabbath members like Tony Iommi's use of the flute and guitar on Solitude, Ozzy's vocal range (Lord of this World, Solitude, Into the Void), the band's approaching a wide range of topics on their lyrics, and Bill Ward being in peak form. Persistence of Time- Anthrax (1990) Just simply a really good thrash album with superb instrumentalization is all I gotta say. The Wall- Pink Floyd (1979) Roger Waters' writing of Beginning, Climax, and Conclusion in Floyd Pinkerton's descent into depression and madness of life as a rock star truly deserves the title of a rock opera albeit with the sacrifice of the beginning of the end of one of the greatest prog rock bands of all time. Black Flag- In My Head (1985) Great punk rock album which greatly focuses on the theme of mental illness via Henry Rollins' howling vocals and Greg Ginn's distorted guitar effects.
  9. 1. The X-Files 2. Star Trek: The Next Generation 3. Top Gear (2002-2015) 4. Seinfeld 5. The Twilight Zone (1959)