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  1. If you go for trophies, this game is bit boring indeed, If you enjoy the grinding, this game is fun, at least for me, I'm not bored (yet) with the game, so I basically keep doing investigations for deco farm (bow user here). And I'm doing the side stuff casually like the rare endemic life and Lynian Researchs. The only thing that's annoys me, the next events Resident Evil and Horizon Zero Down I doubt the sets will have a layered version.
  2. They listened us, boys Crying from happiness
  3. 😭 Well looks like there is hope guys...
  4. Like and retweet boys
  5. Would be nice if you guys post here the link of tweets spamming Ed Boon, WB Support, so we can... Like and Retweet Boys, Like and Retweet...
  6. For Sewer Speedway I did this, to beat it
  7. Can't believe how hard it is, the need to keep the Sacred Fire for long you can on the last part of the lap is ridiculous
  8. Did you send this ideas to this link? https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Crash-Team-Racing-Nitro-Fueled-Feedback-and-Bug-Reporting/ Because that Loadout idea is a must
  9. I found them quite ok by the description, I might get this one 👦
  10. The list looks easy. About online mode... well SNK is know to be a bit weak in that area. And I remember what a pain in th *ss was to do this one on KOF XIV, hope it doesn't need six players...
  11. Exactly, I did this on original version, hoping this would unlock Nitros Oxide as playable character 😑 My only worry is if this include Crash Nitro Kart tracks as well and the one about Crystal Challenges, the other trophies seems ok for me
  12. So It's true that you can't change the audio?
  13. Since I never got into the franchise, I was willing to try this game, but I'm not a masochist, for you guys, all I can say is:
  14. Did you try using Rugal Full Charge Ball? The CPU will roll or try to defend it, if the CPUT defend it still will do a good chunk of damage
  15. the only thing I hate about this game, it the egg minigame.