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  1. Is a bullet hell game. Don't remind anything like Galaga or similar games. Those bullet hell games was made for a small specific group of people that don't mind replay this for months to memorize the game. If you can't finish other bullet hell games, you should give up on this one.
  2. Nice, I didn't heard anything about EA negotiating extension. For me was like the Gamesparks trophies are lost forever and the remain online ones by EA have almost two months to go. Thanks, that's I wanted hear. So is totally doable for me start and finish all the online trophies this month. I will do that soon.
  3. Can anyone enlight me? Is quite confusing. The EA statement doesn't mention anything about Gamespark. And most of recent posts from those that are getting the trophies are from users that started the game way before the notice of EA and that reddit post about Gamespark servers shutdown. What is the current status? If I start this game from zero now I will be able to collect all multiplayer trophies? Anyone that started the game this October, how is the progress? Or is too late now because the Gamespark are technically gone since the end of past month? Thanks!
  4. August 20th and works here! Thanks.
  5. Read the guide on the PSNProfiles.
  6. Nice, I can try now. Those drones trophy need go. Please add my PSN is exactly the same as my username here.
  7. But I need finish the entire story mode? Or after finish the stage I need restart everything again? I will do that when I have spare time and when I need sleep I leave my Vita running with a rubber band on the public lobby. I saw people doing that for hours to achieve the 100 matches. What is your best local time that you can help? GMT+3 means 11AM. I need host a boost session days later because I already made a session and some users already joined, would be unfair from me If I cancel so your help will be very appreciated If I can get those trophies earlier just to make the things easy.
  8. But Aces of High is campaign related too, right? I read other topic and people are getting playing side ops or whatever was on veteran, making 50k in money for 3 days or something like that. I started today the story mode on veteran... hope finish until tomorrow. What time zone are yours? Destroy those drones in public without boost is impossible, nobody use them. I appreciate the knife help too.
  9. You READ my first post? I explained why I will not buy that pass. And you don't read any Japanese? You said that lived in Osaka but for some unknown reason can't scroll down that page and find that the maker mention and confirm the existence and mandatory use of the オンラインプレイチケット
  10. Maybe your ver. is the rarest on the planet, you should really take a good care because on the Japanese PlayStation site the online pass aka: オンラインプレイチケット is mentioned. LOL Thanks, will try soon.
  11. The JPN ver. need online pass to play the multiplayer. I have the HK ver. too, no pass needed.
  12. Thanks. What I need is one more person that is for the 10 drones to destroy and counter attack the knife besides 100 matches. And Japanese players don't care about trophies, the very crushing majority of them, that's why I can't depend on them and I already made a nice progress with my HK copy, there is no way that I would jump and switch to my JP ver. here, I don't want pay for this ridiculous online pass and start a new save. Thanks, this info helps.
  13. I can try! I played this thing for two consecutive days with randoms and right now I only need the knife counter attack and 10 destroyed drones trophies besides the 100 matches.
  14. Thanks but I don't think there are time for me search that. Is too much stuff to learn and there a risk to make the Vita unfunctional in case that something goes wrong. I just wish I could be aware of that for months ago and both miserable companies could give a 90 day notice in advance. I will try find people to boost that. And If this not possible, patience. I already have KZ3 for the PS3 incomplete on my profile, I can survive If I don't get that.
  15. Why there is no mention about this on the guide and mostly important, why the game package doesn't mention that? Both my JP and HK ver. doesn't mention a word about that. Is too late and impossible for me search a US or EU copy. Those things are really hard to find in Tokyo now. What a miserable mess, already unlocked two multiplayer trophies... but without boost will be impossible get the remains one...