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  1. So I have got about 60 headshots with Longblaster rifles in both co-op missions and in galactic assault but still no trophy. I gave up with galactic assault and have been trying in co-op missions instead as I got the trophy for getting 3 kills with one use of the vanguard ability 5 times in co-op missions as well as the trophy for using officer's buff ability on 100 allies so I assumed a majority of the online trophies would be obtainable in co-op missions. Is there something I'm missing here? perhaps some guns for specialist do not count despite being called Longblasters or I have to do it online and haven't got as many headshots as I think I may have got? If anyone has any ideas I am all ears. Thanks.
  2. If you complete all of the zombies easter eggs (including DLC maps) you can toggle a "Director's Cut" mode. This gives you 25k points and all perks permanently when you start a game. It is super useful for getting things done fast. You can also complete all of the easter egg quests again using director's cut to unlock a secret boss fight and get Willard Wyler as a new playable character on Spaceland.
  3. I have not attempted any of the single player or multiplayer mode trophies for Infinite warfare but I have played a lot of zombies so I'll give my rough estimate for that mode alone. I would say all base game zombies related trophies could take anywhere from 10-20 hours with a difficulty of around 6/10 however this is from my personal experience and is highly dependant on skill and whether or not you are using a guide. The main problem you will probably have is completing the easter egg on zombies in spaceland as for some reason the difficulty for that easter egg is much higher than most if not all the DLC maps (you will most likely be retrying this easter egg a LOT). if you are able to play with someone that has directors cut the time and difficulty will be greatly reduced. If you are also going for DLC trophies I would estimate the trophy time for zombies at about 30-50 hours with a difficulty of 4/10. (again this is just personal experience). The other trophies related to zombies should be fairly quick and easy other than the trophy for reaching scene 30 on spaceland. not much to say about that one other than I am sure there are some glitches you can use to make it easier if you are having a hard time with it. A small tip for the Spaceland boss fight, using the Smart Shot sight on the Reaver shotgun or one of the upgraded wonder weapons is hands down the best way to deal damage to the boss fast. If you are able to play with someone that has directors cut all weapons come out of the mystery box upgraded and the wonder weapons are available in the mystery box in a fully upgraded and pack a punched state, this will help a lot as people with directors cut start with 25k points so you can open all the doors and pretty much start the easter egg and get most of the collectibles by round 5. A video with a few tips to make the fight easier for you if you are playing solo: Sorry I couldn't say more about other modes but I hope this helps to somewhat give you an idea of zombies mode at least
  4. Ok so I just browsed a few of the other threads on this site and a couple reddit threads so I think I can explain it in a simple way (hopefully). In order to get the platinum to auto pop on the PS5 version you need another account on your PS5 that already has the platinum. If you can borrow the account of a friend that already has the platinum, log into their account using a second controller and start up a local battle with your main account and their account, once you have done that you can end the fight by running off the edge and all the trophies should pop. Also just in case anyone wanted to know: No this does not work for the PS4 version. you can only auto pop the trophies with this method on the PS5 version.
  5. hmm that is true, I may have assumed it was an online room as the person that posted the link to the auto pop video said "invite" the friend to a game. Now that I think about it having your account on your friend's PS5 would make more sense lol.
  6. I believe you don't have to have your account on anyone else's PS5. If my guess is correct I assume you will just have to trigger the auto pop by fulfilling one of the trophy requirements (in this case playing a local battle).
  7. So after ascending once and killing 1000 boss enemies I didn't get the trophies related to those two tasks. Not too sure why this has happened but nothing I have tried has fixed this issue. Any ideas on how to fix this or would I have to restart? Edit: Ok never mind I fixed it minutes after posting this. Just had to disconnect my internet then close the game a reopen, for some weird reason that worked lol.
  8. I'm sure there has been plenty of people who have already commented on what I am about to say but this was the first souls game I actually completed. Took my time on the first playthrough and managed to clean up the rest of the trophies (collectibles, endings, optional bosses etc.) in 2 more playthroughs (using guides) which in total took maybe no more than 8-15 hours to speed through the game and get all the other trophies with a total game time of 125 hours (a good 20 hours of that was either exploring completely optional areas or rune farming for later game). Of course if you would rather not use a guide then it would take quite a lot longer but overall the trophy list isn't as long or tedious as it looks at first! just be sure to farm up some runes and upgrade your mimic tear if you find some of the optional bosses a pain to fight like I did
  9. A bit late to finding this but it got me the platinum in just under 4 hours. Thanks for the Incredible guide, this is why I always go to optinoob for my platinum walkthroughs!
  10. Scratch that, my trophies won't update on here either :/
  11. same here, went to go check my friends trophies to see if it was just my account but theirs won't show either. Troubleshooting seemed to do nothing so I think I'll just wait and hope that I will be able to check my trophy list again. Luckily we have this wonderful website to check our trophy lists in the meantime!
  12. 1/10- The Pig D (Community rated) 2/10- Tekken 7 - (PlatPrices) 3/10- Final Fantasy VIII - (PSNP) 4/10 - Resident Evil 3 - (PlatPrices) 5/10- Resident Evil 2 - (PlatPrices) 6/10- Final Fantasy VII Remake - (PlatPrices) 7/10- Berserk and The Band of The Hawk - (PSNP) 8/10- Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X - (PlatPrices) 9/10- Vanquish - (PSNP) 10/10- Devil May Cry V - (PowerPyx) another one down! FF VIII was fun, makes me want to play some of the other games in the series. may have to make some changes to my list
  13. So the last trophy I need is to spend 100,000 and was wondering if anyone could let me know the best way to farm money in this game. Online ranked battles seem to give me a very small amount despite ranking up from 5th floor to the 8th floor and ranking up with different characters. Arcade and mission mode barely get me enough to make them viable options so I stopped with them after a good hour or two. If I must stick with arcade mode or just do some online matches until I get enough then I will just go ahead and do that but if anyone knows of a better way that I missed then a nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
  14. got the platinum back in november 2020 (on a different account), all trophies are easily obtainable. had no issues with any bugged trophies but the game did display quite a few glitches at times (none of which hindered my progress). I say just to be safe maybe make some backup saves at different points in the game so if anything does seem to be bugged you can always go back and try again without having to start from scratch.
  15. 1/10- The Pig D (Community rated) 2/10- Tekken 7 - (PlatPrices) 3/10- Final Fantasy VIII - (PSNP) 4/10 - Resident Evil 3 - (PlatPrices) 5/10- Resident Evil 2 - (PlatPrices) 6/10- Final Fantasy VII Remake - (PlatPrices) 7/10- Berserk and The Band of The Hawk - (PSNP) 8/10- Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X - (PlatPrices) 9/10- Vanquish - (PSNP) 10/10- Devil May Cry V - (PowerPyx) another one down!!! thinking of starting FF VIII next to get a start on that as i do RE3