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  1. Just started playing and everybody sounds like they're recorded in a tin can. This is on my speakers & when I pop in headphones. Was this attentional to replicate the B-Movie aesthetic? Or is there an actual issue? It's driving me crazy because the depth between all the characters is completely off in their levels. EDIT: Nevermind, it improves after the opening bit into Episode 2. Seems like a stylistic choice.
  2. I just had a similar issue with Time Paradox. I swear it popped the first time. Then as I was looking through the list it was missing. I am trying a reinstall first and will load the mission. If its still not popping, then the game data delete. If that doesn't work... I'm gonna have to power through a clean save to that point...
  3. Resistance 2 & Killzone 2 are big ones. Catherine as well. I loved my ending (I got the Catherine with a C true ending going in blind). Was so satisfied with how it turned out and have no desire to grind out the rest of the endings plus the post-game puzzles.
  4. I got the Platinum last week. I was nervous that my game glitched/ bugged as well for the 190/191. But I have these Legend encounter tasks covering a ton of my Scavenging Locations, and one was smacked exactly over it. Check to see if you had the same problem as I. The scavenging locations that were effected by this were in Deep Friah's Territory.
  5. Here is the exploit for those who are having trouble with the arcade game: Pretty much just follow these instructions; 1) Play it a couple of times. (Took me about 4 plays) 2) Eventually, when the instructions appear, a bat will be flying toward you. 3) Start the game right before it reaches you, die on purpose and you'll spawn invincible. The only way to die or finish the game is to fly low into the treeline. Invincibility remains until all your lives are exhausted.
  6. Haven't played Golden Abyss, but I'm in reverse order. Having almost finished 4's crushing, now I think its the best. U4>U3>U2>U1 I always said 3 was better than 2 because its story felt better imo. 2, as awesome and mind blowing as it was... Just got so tiring with the gun fights (also my biggest gripe about 1). U4 with its emphasis on exploring and platforming around over combat was exactly what I wanted.
  7. I just watched Rurouni Kenshin for like the 12th time after I found out they made live-action films Watch Trust and Betrayal, its the best OVA I have ever seen