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  1. Thats indeed unfortunate, was hoping this was fixed but didnt check the forum and completed the Nessus FP this morning and indeed no trophy.
  2. Entwined, for some reason my brain cannot comprihend it enough to get 100% :-D
  3. 100% is not too bad, grinding the cards at the end can be frustrating however. After getting the 100 medal trophy, it took me 4 days to get the last 5 cards (around 4,5 hours playtime i think).
  4. Its not too bad, the complete all waves with no deaths is the hardest. I think it took me about 15/16 tries to get it. A bit of practice gets you very far. Its not really luck based but the asteroids spawns are random I think which can cause a random death or 2. The first 12 waves get REALLY easy when you've played the game a couple of times, its around wave 13 / 14 it starts to get harder. Important thing is to try to get all trinkets to be able to use the superbeam which is a must for some waves. The Superbeam also doubles all scores (from killing enemies and picking up trinkets) so using it often can really up your score helping those score trophies. Also good to know is that picking up trinkets whilst using the superbeam has 2 uses; 1. It recharches the superbeam meter causing a longer use (required for the 10 second superbeam trophy). 2. When the superbeam ends your meter is already partially charged for the next beam.
  5. Like Shaney mentioned, practice is key. I had quite a few runs before I finally managed to get it, drafting is essential and missing 1 or 2 key drafts will ruin your run. Also it seems when steering you will want to steer lightly and not heavy turns, heavy turns actually often make you lose speed when at some points light turning will even give you more speed. Also watch out with the mud on some places as I missed that when going over mud will also slow you down.
  6. I can confirm that for the "Finish a a round with one rocketeer in fireteam" mission its not "one rocketeer" but a FULL round (lap as they also call it) with ONLY rocketeers. So the first round (lap) does not count, as you start with other squad members other then rocketeers. So kill off your other members and only let the rocketeers join. Then get to round 2 with only rocketeers remaining in you squad and keep it that way untill you destroy the boss in round 2 and reach round 3. I did it with the leader having the last weapon (Missile Launcher) and it seems other people also got it with the regular rocket launcher. No idea if other weapons would work. Edit: I'm also still working on the Gracious trophy and its doing my head in ... I'm doing clean runs and still nothing ...
  7. Nice, did you already have all 3 stars for all levels when you unlocked it ?
  8. Got it yesterday on EU store, had no problems installing and activating. Also had no issues with playing the DLC itself. One thing though, the DLC is 9 levels, no "story" like the other 2 campaigns had. It just kicks you into the missions. Besides the lack of a "Story" it doesn't come with any new upgrades or new Special units. It was only 1 euro so I cant really complain as I was able to enjoy the game for another hour, but I really felt like they could have done more with the DLC.
  9. Not sure what the exact upgrade path was I took, but I think I started with a primary gun upgrade then the auto-smartbombs and saved up to get the fruit-smartbomb upgrade which helps ALLOT in the later levels. Also I didnt buy shooty pet or the laser pet untill very late in the game. Fully upgrading the rocket pet also takes off allot of pressure. After that I just started filling stuff up. This way I got all the upgrades and stopped playing when I reached level 112 I think it was.
  10. I see you already have the trophies, but what you could've done is doing it solo offline. That will however mean starting from scratch (both level, perma upgrades and teeth) if you've been only playing online extinction.
  11. Probably already answered with the sentence "We’re aware of a trophy bug for LUFTRAUSERS on PlayStation Network platforms." but I guess the bug is present on both PS3 as Vita right?