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  1. Unfortunately there is no matchmaking in Grandmaster Nightfall as they are now one of the hardest content in the game currently. You will also need to be at a minimum of 1575 I believe in order to even enter one which requires a mixture of getting to the cap level of 1560 and leveling up the seasonal artifact. The content itself also requires that you have a good setup. This however would depend on what Nightfall you do as I would say that 4 out of the 6 Nightfalls this season are fairly challenging, but 2 are fairly straightforward. Which unfortunately means you can't be carried through the content for the trophy.
  2. Yeah the host shouldn't be the one to open the box. I think thats why it didn't work.
  3. Yeah we also experienced crashes when getting to round 8/9 with the bolters on ps5. We decided to stand still in the middle of the room and kill anything running past. (basically stay away from the corners of the room) No idea why it worked but we didn't crash regardless of host. Then was able to play out the rest before leaving that room without any issues. Some other tips for this mode: - We had also maxed out most of the legend stats (everything apart from two hand weapons and throwing for me) so was able to punch most things and kill the big enemies in one hit to the head with a bow and arrow. Few punches to the big enemies head if it is your first run as you won't have the bow. - Each run takes 20-30 mins but you will probably do several to learn each mode and where bombs are unless you have watched youtube video's. So dependant on your legend level going into this you are looking at between 4-8 hours depending on if you need to grind. (Duplication glitch still works on PS5 with some menu changes on ps5 in order to level up very quickly.) - Once you get the shotgun, make sure to pick up the ammo in the crates next to bombs in future rounds. You can then exclusively use that for the rest of it. Again if you have it, only switch to bow for easy kills of the big enemies.
  4. Me and my friends did it recently and we did the following: - Person going for the trophy doesn't host the session. - Person hosting doesn't open the box at the end. - (Very situational, but happened to me) Make sure you pick up your team mate going for the trophy before killing the last enemy otherwise it will go into the next phase and count the person alive as the winner.
  5. I got this last night after my friend and I did a bit of testing in a solo and co op game. We tried sitting at B2 on orbital and got 5+ quad kills in a game using the homing rocket (FIM-33) and the tank. However it didn't appear to be unlocking. I read somewhere that restarting the game could sort out the trophies. So me and my friend did the following: - Restarted the game - Loaded up a Solo and Coop game on orbital (beginner) - Selected the T28 tank (unlimited ammo, just has to recharge) - Drove to B2 and captured it straight away - When the enemies did their initial push, I would aim for the vehicles (land or air) and blow them up. Should hopefully be 4 in them. - If after the initial push I didn't get a quad kill/ it didn't count, I would rinse and repeat. (Took a few tries, mainly due to luck of enemy spawns) Very buggy game but it definitely still works against AI
  6. You should get God of War done. Fantastic game.
  7. Yeah thats what I was going to try. Cheers for confirming what I thought might be the case. Will give it a go
  8. I've had this on my backlog for a while and thought I would look to get this done. However I'm reading alot of people saying that these two trophies are unable to be boosted and you just need to wait in lobbies which just don't fill up. Am I not right in saying that if enough people were on at a certain time (Boosting session through this website) you could search for the map in the server browser and get everyone to join that to get both the trophies?
  9. Dead Space (that hardest difficulty trophy isn't bad compared to the later titles so definitely worth a go)
  10. God of War: Chain of Olympus
  11. Assassins Creed Brotherhood wouldn't be that bad depending on how much you need in multiplayer. If that isn,t an option then try Assassins Creed 3
  12. Rocket League doesnt look to bad just the grind