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  1. most of the smaller trophies also seem to be bugged - I can't unlock gun pals/tip moxxi trophy/revive another player/buy items from crazy earl trophies either. considering the mess the trophies are in - gearbox will either have to allow for ps4 to ps5 trophy syncing or award these trophies retroactively.
  2. from my personal experience over the last few days of playing it - all trophies seem to be fixed as of now, and unlock as they are supposed to.
  3. much easier than the P5 platinum for sure - entire persona compendium not required? no max confidants? no video games!!! no home run required! the reaper trophy sounds easy enough. my end game persona in p5 were two shotting the reaper without the flu season being on. also they removed the beat the twins trophy, which was actually perhaps one of the hardest fights in the game. honestly not a fan of the list, as others in this thread have noted, would have rather a harder list which would have actually felt like an accomplishment - like getting all personas and maxing all confidants that actually required you making sure a lot of shit was in order from day 1.
  4. ripatorium is a better place to farm weapon masteries. completed my super shotgun in less than two rounds.
  5. MP trophies can take pretty long if youre not boosting it, coz you have long downtime between each match, and even longer downtime if you lost the party and need to search again. its the 50000 healing and 200 kill trophies that are gonna take the longest. the 200 kill trophy is a bit glitched when playing as a demon, coz the final killshot needs to be from you to get the kill. even if youre really good and win all your matches, thats about 6 kills per match, and for that the 200 kill trophy will take atleast 30-40 matches. if youre not that great, I would say this could take as long as a 100 games to complete. if youre not planning on boosting, you best be getting on them asap, coz I don't know how long the multiplayer willbe active enough to constantly get games. the MP is a bit unbalanced right now. while the demons are super weak to the slayer themselves, they can currently spawn large number of ads that are much more the problem, as this summon skill can refresh infinite times. also, they have massive health pools esp. the mancubbus, and can allow them to tank dmg, while surviving by spawning fresh ads to kil the slayer. I died a bunch of times, because I suddenly found myself facing a couple of hell knights, arachnotrons and adds plus the demons at the same time.
  6. restarting the game and resetting my network connection seemed to fix this for me. managed to grind all them trophies yesterday.
  7. I'm trying to work on those multiplayer trophies, but for some reason the game seems to not be registering any stats for multiplayer. is anyone else facing this problem?
  8. dont know if it was fixed or Iw as lucky, but both my promethea and my all locations trophies were bugged, both however randomly popped for me post the maliwan takedown patch. so I think they have been doing patches for the same. as faras your main missions are concerned, the only thing to keep in mind is to make sure you pick up the vault reqwards if youre playign with other people, that otherwise glitches out the rewards trophy, but did unlock for me in tvhm mode. I didn't mind it coz Ive been playing a lot of the game, but can imagine it being super frustating, if youre trying to run through the game to get the plat done.
  9. hard is a much better way to play the game, the enemy encounters actually feel dangerous. Also, can say this for sure - you level up your character - needed to do 60 in all categories much faster, as you get get extra xp for hard. Premium deliveries are super useful, and would recommend you doing all standard orders as premium, it gives you more xp, and they rarely are more challenging. If you choose to grind out the legend of legend trophy post game, that would be super grindy, as it requires you to get 20 in each category, which you would have easily made a bunch of progress on while playing the story. Also about changing difficulty for the battles, once you unlock all the guns and weapons, any other difficulty would be a breeze. on hard difficulty, With the shotgun level 2, I can easily take out a giant bt in under a minute. dont even use my grenades lol. If youre carrying a GL or a Rocket launcher, youll probably destroy them in less.
  10. Hey guys, none of my friends seem to be playing borderlands 3. looking for some peeps looking to have a blast with the new takedown raid. i personally have two characters that ive been managing slaughtstar 3000 at mayhem 3 with, one level 50 gunner and a level 50 beastmaster. interested peeps do give me a shout.... psn - solomonluthor
  11. locations can not be cleaned up in tvmh mode - I tried doing so - but despite complete locations being shown on all planets, zones and in the galaxy im still missing city slicker and master of all locations. a new character and playthrough is what is required.
  12. to confirm I got damn gina after my third vault in tvhm. but despite cleaning up my locations, I still am missing the promethea and all location trophies.
  13. I'm currently sitting at 223/223 locations found but still ahvent yet unlocked the promethea location or all location trophy. Tried doing all the locations again in tvhm for promethea, but it did not help fix anything either. Wonder if they are going to path this trophy or we will have to earn this again on a whole new playthrough - which is damn annoying - did only plan to 100 percent the game on one of my characters.
  14. im trying to unlock this on tvhm right now - as well as my glitched location trophies will update if it can be cleaned up on this run or you need a new character - tvmh is pretty simple to run through esp if youve been playing in mayhem modes.