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  1. Rice is one of the strongest healing items in the game, while it does less healing immediately than a gourd it keeps you healing for almost as long as a pellet. Is especially useful during the final parts of the final phases of boss fights, when bosses tend to get unnecessarily aggressive in this game. There have been multiple occasions - especially with great owl, demon of hatred, isshin and a couple of minibosses where I ended up using the rice (which later after recieving the frozen tears become s fine snow which is completely insane!) and I didnt die despite getting hit by an entire combo, coz I was healing faster than I was taking damage. also its infinitely replenishable, just go back to the divine child, and just ask him for more once youve used it.... you do need to have travelled a couple of times, before the harvest happens... One of the most underrated consumables in the game - of course the sweet rice ball is one of the best items, but you only have access to it for a very small window, and it is infinitely replenishable during that time coz its like snow + gokun's sugar.
  2. can not forget how I randomly stun locked the ninja shadow boss at the great serpent shrine into a double ichimonji, poor guy, just could never recover from it lol. kept spamming the ichimonjis on the dude, and he went down in like less than a minute. don't know if its replicable - will try it out again in my new game plus playthrough. I think it was coz I baited him out back into the forest coz the first time he destroyed me when we fought in the temple. In the trees and bushes he gets a bit confused lol.
  3. just finished this fight after 12 hours today. not my favorite boss to be honest - a bit of a cheater, and a complete idiot. my own advice - don't try any of the cheese strategies - I wastedl iike 5 hours in the wrong direction all together. How I finally beat it was - with no sugars, no addons, just pure and simple deflect, deflect , deflect, hit, mikiri counter - but always on the pressure. do not jump except for the unblockable sweep attacks - you can deflect everything. If your posture breaks, just block again - rather than rolling away. Do not try to play the health game in my opinion, unless you are a person of great patience - for me the posture game works much better with him. When he does the wind up attacks. Just jump on his head, it will keep you safe and you can get some hits in. Thats the only two moves you jump for . Of course - the mikiri is the mikiri - with the spear phases always deflect the gunshots, he will follow up with the mikiri, you hit his posture real bad - don' tget greedy and get too many hits in - this is not a health battle in my opinion. For the final phase be ready to do the lightning reversal that will be your best friend. Also tip - after dying to him in his last phase at 5% health almost 10 times- remember to block as soon as you heal, he is a nasty animal and will always do a followup attack, and one that can be deflected. By the end, my final run I basically did the first three phases almost perfect, coz I knew the patterns by heart. I dont know tho - there was really not much satisfaction - perhaps as much as I was hoping - I actually felt way better when I defeated owl father, the demon of hatred, and the guardian ape - now the guardian ape, that was exciting - this was just a like an examination, where even two wrong answers means a fail. Just my two cents. Final edit - try not to dodge anything except the double ichimonji - if you can side step dodge that - you can hit him wiht your own double ichi monji if you have one - or just two hits if you don't to get some really good posture damage. When he sheathes his sword in phase one run away from him - thats perhap s the only attack thats worth running away from him. If you keep a distance from him, he keeps recovering posture, and this asshole then needs to be killed the old fashioned way - through health.
  4. lol. and as soon as I put this on the forum, on the verge of giving up - the RNG gods take pity and give me one finally. This platinum is one that was a bit annoying - but I loved the game and the music so much, didn't mind going through it twice. tho some trophies (golden finger, mask compendium etc) nearly made me give up on the platinum lol
  5. I've only got the crystal skull remaining as persona left to complete mask compendium. hve already finished all seven palaces and bosses except for final boss, but cant seem to catch the treasure demon - tried the shehiruth and treasure trap on floor 13 strategy multiple times, on multiple different days. will be much appreciated if someone could give tips - so annoying that Ive now played over 140 hours on persona 5 and this one mask is keeping me away from my platinum on this game I love