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  1. dont know if it was fixed or Iw as lucky, but both my promethea and my all locations trophies were bugged, both however randomly popped for me post the maliwan takedown patch. so I think they have been doing patches for the same. as faras your main missions are concerned, the only thing to keep in mind is to make sure you pick up the vault reqwards if youre playign with other people, that otherwise glitches out the rewards trophy, but did unlock for me in tvhm mode. I didn't mind it coz Ive been playing a lot of the game, but can imagine it being super frustating, if youre trying to run through the game to get the plat done.
  2. hard is a much better way to play the game, the enemy encounters actually feel dangerous. Also, can say this for sure - you level up your character - needed to do 60 in all categories much faster, as you get get extra xp for hard. Premium deliveries are super useful, and would recommend you doing all standard orders as premium, it gives you more xp, and they rarely are more challenging. If you choose to grind out the legend of legend trophy post game, that would be super grindy, as it requires you to get 20 in each category, which you would have easily made a bunch of progress on while playing the story. Also about changing difficulty for the battles, once you unlock all the guns and weapons, any other difficulty would be a breeze. on hard difficulty, With the shotgun level 2, I can easily take out a giant bt in under a minute. dont even use my grenades lol. If youre carrying a GL or a Rocket launcher, youll probably destroy them in less.
  3. Hey guys, none of my friends seem to be playing borderlands 3. looking for some peeps looking to have a blast with the new takedown raid. i personally have two characters that ive been managing slaughtstar 3000 at mayhem 3 with, one level 50 gunner and a level 50 beastmaster. interested peeps do give me a shout.... psn - solomonluthor
  4. locations can not be cleaned up in tvmh mode - I tried doing so - but despite complete locations being shown on all planets, zones and in the galaxy im still missing city slicker and master of all locations. a new character and playthrough is what is required.
  5. to confirm I got damn gina after my third vault in tvhm. but despite cleaning up my locations, I still am missing the promethea and all location trophies.
  6. I'm currently sitting at 223/223 locations found but still ahvent yet unlocked the promethea location or all location trophy. Tried doing all the locations again in tvhm for promethea, but it did not help fix anything either. Wonder if they are going to path this trophy or we will have to earn this again on a whole new playthrough - which is damn annoying - did only plan to 100 percent the game on one of my characters.
  7. im trying to unlock this on tvhm right now - as well as my glitched location trophies will update if it can be cleaned up on this run or you need a new character - tvmh is pretty simple to run through esp if youve been playing in mayhem modes.
  8. finished these finally yesterday on mayhem 3. Its the final rounds that are the toughest. also, unless you have reliable partners, I would recommend doing it on solo. I was in matchmaking wiht someone who kept dying in each of the rounds of the slaughter shaft, and as a result, I was left fighting off hordes of badass and anointed enemies, with health for two players. Decided to go solo in slaughterhouse 3000. came out with a real bad ache in the hand, and that blasted trophy. to be honest tho, its a great loot farm as wellas great fun, on higher difficulties, onc eyou have the right build and gear. nothing is too OP when youre facing down three anointed and a horde of others at the same time lol.
  9. I wonder if they will add actual voices to all the dialogues missing voice acting in P5 - that would warrant a re buy for me for sure.
  10. completely agree with this. At the end of the day a good and bad trophy list speaks of the developer rather than of the platform. A great developer will come up with a fun, innovative and rewarding trophy list, while others will just try and get it out fo the way asap. props to Sony for supporting devs, and allowing them to play in the space.
  11. having worked as a producer on an indie game before (KLAUS if youre wondering - and before you ask we had a pretty difficult trophy list) the trophy list is something that Sony does not put too many requirements, and leave it open to the developer. The only requirement, is a check for all of them popping and meting the conditions under their TRCs. Also I think Sony understand that some game might be catering specific to trophy whores, and happily let them operate, as it helps satisfy a decent customer base considering the price fo these games. also, i didnt mean to change it retroactively, but going forward for the next generation.
  12. personally, one change that I would love to see is that if merging of platform trophy lists - for example - games like GTA v and last of us - which you might have played massive chunks on one platform and now cant complete if you play on the other - for example - I have all the single player trophies for last of us on the PS4 and all multiplayer on the PS3 - if I could share the trophy lists it would have been a plat for a game I really loved - but with the dead multiplayer by the time I got to that step and having previously already done the entire grind, I had no motivation to do that again. not necessarily shared saves, but just shared trophy lists. it encourages cross platform play more than having separate trophy lists - which really just helps attract people to EZ plats with many trophy lists. this would be something which wil increasingly become an issue as we arrive at the next generation and the end of this gen - I can already dread, having to play cyberpunk 2077 twice on what will perhaps be at least a 150 hour plat if I want plats onboth.
  13. doom platinum - i wish I could have had the patience to platinum that game even tho I loved it.
  14. Only really got into the souls series properly post Sekiro, and after platinumming Sekiro and Bloodborne, have finally arrived on DS3 - had played DS1 on the PS3 - but really never got into it. Loving the game, but this farming of shackles and proof of concord kepts is killing me. Most of the guys who are summoning dudes are gankers with overpowered builds and healers/tears of denial etc. Wanted to suggest a fight club for trophy hunters, where we could duel for few hours, and help each other get some shackles /proof of concords. I believe a couple of sessions could help all of us net some of this - and possibly even a session for the wolf sword grass. Would only require at least 3 of us - I can find a player to referee (someone with already a platinum) - will only require us to connect through a password. DO let me know. Did see a bunch of player playing the game currently. RULES - No healing items/no blue estus items/no buffs. just pure man o man combat. with a referee. We can setup something for this week/ weekend Cheers!