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  1. I'll admit, Kratos is a more badass looking character than Nathan Drake.
  2. Did Nathan *spoilers* get re-married to Elena? He had to give up treasure hunting right? Haha let's hope not I wonder how many people were behind the making of the game I wonder how they even got the job haha. They're lots of other big studio's that lay off workers and these guys are still solid
  3. Did they? I mean yeah sure they go after treasure and all but each game has a different plot with twists. Isn't it the same thing with God of War? Just hack'n slash and boss battle?
  4. Let's be honest here, both these series sell like hot cakes and have the BEST looking graphics on the PS3. PlayStation doesn't exactly have a Flagship series but which would it be between the God of War series and Uncharted series. For me, it's Uncharted. I'll go as far as saying it's also got better graphics. Those the lighting in God of war 3 was impressive.
  5. Aren't they usually under-tracked? If i'm not mistaken, wasn't Sly Cooper available to download day 1 on PSN? Digital sales never count which suck Does The Last of Us sequel count?
  6. Killzone Shadow Fall is mine. But lets all remember this. Back when the PS3 launched at 2006 the games looked decent enough. But in later years like 2009, games looked phenomenal (Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2) So the PS4 game's WILL look 10X better than the current ones at show.
  7. Sly did pretty well. It's received well scores/reviews. Jak just has a more bigger hype around it since it's by a AAA studio. Haha it doesn't have to be the same controls from Uncharted. Graphics however would be nice
  8. Killzone Shadow Fall. That is all you need to know to have your jaw drop.
  9. Good point. And now they'll fail at the Phones division
  10. Oh yeah haha. I'm surprised Sony hasn't shut them down yet. Yet other company's have. You and me both pal. Well actually if you really think about it, they had no other option but to give up Crash. Jak, however, is a different story.
  11. Haha much appreciated. It'll be insane that's for sure. With jaw dropping lighting, environments etc. I hope so haha. Remember what they did with The Lost Frontier? Or Resistance burning Skies? I agree, Sanzaru proved himself worthy of being able to deliver. I feel ya bro.. Spent so much time playing that game with a best friend. Damn that sky balls level
  12. This comment is WIN. But where's Crash Bash? I can kinda see this happening but it'll be a face-palm haha. Eddy Raja, Roman, Navarro, Flynn etc racing for some mystical treasure place. Along with road they'll bump into our Hero's. I'd buy it
  13. Haha I agree. Can you image how it'll look on the PS4? And thanks for earlier bro. Had no idea how to work the damn site. Hm last time Jak was handed to a different studio things didn't exactly go "very well" haha What up Chamber!! Haha same here but I can't help but feel bad for the Jak series. Loved it back in the PS2 era and would LOVE to see how it'll look in today's technology.
  14. We all know Naughty Dog has spit into 2 different teams. One's working on the anticipated title "The Last of Us" and the other half is working on "something else". My guess is either Uncharted 4 or Jak 4. Will it be a prequel? After Uncharted 3's ending I'm not sure.
  15. I wonder if it'll be exclusive to the Sony Xperia or other Sony products. Maybe Sony will have a better exclusive version just for their Phones? Might be a possibility.