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  1. Monster Hunter World is free for PS+ (Asia) starting today.
  2. My very first purchase for year 2020, Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Have completed all of the Megaman games for the PS4. Still, hoping for the Megaman Legends Collection (cross finger)
  3. It isn't an Ultra Rare type of trophy, but i'll be heart-broken if I will lose my Final Fantasy XIII platinum trophy. I know there's a lot of hate about this game, but I love every minute/second I've spent on this game. Clearing all the Cieth missions and upgrading all the weapons and accessories to its final tier were one of the best PS3 gaming moments I've had.
  4. I love all of the Megaman games, (currently working with Megaman X8 from the MMX Legacy Collection 2) but I'll be honest that this will be the first time for me to play the Zero/ZX games. I will make time and will make the most out of this game, hopefully I'll get the Platinum.
  5. 7 more days til the release date. Have passed on buying darksiders genesis for this one. This will be the 1st time for me to play zero games.
  6. I will wait for atleast a year or two, just like what I did for the ps3 and ps4. Got the slim version for ps3 and bought the 2nd version of ps4 (the one with the top cover being matte and not glossy). But if reviews and hands on experience of 1st day owners results to a positive note then purchasing a ps5 on its early launch is a possible.
  7. Hmm how about the option to install the trophy data? I would definitely welcome a feature that will ask me if I would like to install the trophy data.
  8. Thanks Sephiroth! I have not yet sync my vita hence trophy is not yet available. Yeah you are right, I'll probably start over. I think I am just about 8hrs into the game.
  9. Guys, I'm playing this in Vita. I just cleared floors 76 and 77. Unfortunately I gave away the last attack bonus, Seeker Plate, to Lisbeth. Did I screw up my chances of getting Beta Tester trophy?
  10. Just got Batman Arkham Origins and TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan yesterday. Just completed all of the Batman games for the PS3. Grew up with the TMNT games from NES and SNES and so its nice to get another TMNT game.
  11. I don't multi-play game of the same genre i.e. If I am playing a RPG game (Dragon Quest 11), I will not play another RPG game (e.g. Ni no Kuni). I bounce around games like Draqon Quest 11 and Call of Duty as they are both different genre. Or in the case of the games i'm playing in Vita, I switch on playing Lego game and SAO game.
  12. Finally! Purchased the two Megaman Legacy Collection games. I now have all of the Megaman games (MM Legacy Collection, MMX Legacy Collection, MM11) for the PS4 😁 Can't wait for January for the Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.
  13. I've been looking forward buying these non-AAA games this coming holiday: - Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Lost Sphear - I Am Setsuna (I think it's digital only for PS4)
  14. Probably, Killzone 4 / Killzone Shadow Fall 2 OR Infamous 3 / Infamous Second Son 2. Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son were launch games for PS4 and no sequels were released then.
  15. I might get the PS5 at launch (or day one) when any of the two things will be launch titles: Uncharted and/or God of War. Full Backward compatibility for PS4 library is a nice feature for PS5. But if not, not a deal breaker for me. I have my PS3 (9 years) and PS4 (3 years) still in pristine condition.