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  1. Just got Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age. So excited to play this game this coming weekend. On a side note. This is my 3rd Region 4 game and I noticed that all of them have this M rating at the bottom left in the box art. Even the box's spine has the M too. All of my R3 games does not have this.
  2. This will be my first time to play the Sword Art Online games. Recently got Sword Art Online: Lost Song and Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment 😉 Here's the reversible cover/box art for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment: I read that SAO: HF is the 1st game and SAO: LS is the 2nd game. Am I going to miss any key story points/line if I opted to play first SAO: LS? Saw that SAO: LS can be completed anywhere between 35-50hrs so i'm thinking to play it first followed by SAO: HF (on where need to spend 100hrs for a trophy).
  3. Saw the latest trailer and I'm very hype for this game. Hope that there will be a PS4 Pro Edition for FF7 Remake.
  4. MegaZeroXX - I got my handle through combining my all time favorite videogame characters, Megaman, X and Zero. The Megaman/X game franchise is my favorite game series. I grew up playing all the Megaman games in NES and the MegamanX series both in SNES and PS1.
  5. Wow, this is good news. Hopefully there will be physical version of the games.
  6. 1. Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 - Played on PC. Have played this multiple times back in college and probably spent hundred of hours. Fell in love with the story and gameplay (was caught off guard to that main protagonist story twist, didn't see it coming). I prefer KoToR 1 but KoToR 2 is not that bad. 2. Fable 1 - Played on PC. I was forced to upgrade my videocard from GeForce FX5200 to 6600GT as game crashes on certain areas (probably requires extended gpu power) and just to experienced how beautiful the environment in this game. I remember leveling my character to max to unlock and learn new skills and ended up he looking very old 3. Jade Empire - Played on PC. Can't really recall the plot or story of the game hence would like to play it again.
  7. Just got the Platinum Trophy for World of Final Fantasy (vita) , literraly just 5 minutes ago. Have spent 105hrs and 12 mins. I'm not sure if I messed up somewhere that results to 100+ hrs of game time or maybe I just simply really enjoyed the game. I'll be purchasing the PS4 copy too as the game is amazing, fun and worth every second. For those who have not played it yet, I'll tell you now buy the game and you'll love it
  8. Oh my! Time to save up. I only have two (2) games bought on the very 1st day of release (FFXV and God of War), this will be the third game on this generation I will buy on the release day. On a side note, there's a resemblance of Lightning (from XIII) to Sephiroth's facial design. Or maybe its due to his hair reflecting pinkish color.
  9. Bought Spider-Man along with a red DS4 from the Days of Play sale. Big, big, big discount! Worth the wait
  10. Went to the game store this Easter Sunday to buy Megaman 11, and while looking for other game to purchase I was really surprised to see Ninu Kuni 2 priced at. Happy to share these two new games added to my humble collection. Also, looking forward in a month or two to purchase Megaman Legacy collection (MM1-10).
  11. On which region is this game available?
  12. I've been switching from PS4 to PS3 and vice versa whenever I finished a game. Been doing this from the past 2 years and I never felt playing in PS3 is somewhat a chore. Honestly I feel more refreshed when playing on PS3. I still have my 9 year old unit very much alive and kicking.
  13. That's nice. Yep, a colleague of mine told me that WOFF plays pretty good in Vita. Prolly will get the PS4 version too sometimes since I'd like to collect final fantasy games both in PS3 and PS4. Sorry for the late response, not sure about the version but both games regions are R3.
  14. A week ago got Ys VIII and today got a sweet deal for these RPG goodies. World of Final Fantasy and Trails of Cold Steel 1.
  15. New RPG goods to add on my ever growing PS3 collections: