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  1. Never experienced motion sickness playing God of War. But the 1st time i've experienced this was when I first played Uncharted 1 back in PS3. I was off worked and played the game on a hot afternoon, about 30mins I felt the need to stop. But as time passed by and my eye and body adjusted to the game/gameplay I managed to play hours on one sitting. I think its just a matter of your body/eye getting adjusted to the game, take it slow and play the game on a time that you are very comfortable.
  2. I recently bought a physical copy of Batman The Enemy Within. The disc contains episode 1 only. When I browse the game, after installing it, I see the 4 episodes as Add-on. Downloaded all of them. Now when im in game, episodes 2 to 5 says "purchased but not downloaded". When in game, and i tried to download them, store couldnt open them. Have you guys know any solution for this? Am i still be able to play episode 2 to 5?
  3. I sold my God of War 3 years ago and just borrowed God of War 1 and 2 from a colleague. This game was on sale so I have to get it.
  4. Not AAA games but I've been meaning to get these games.
  5. Purchases last November 11 (11.11) sale. I already got the digital version of Lord of the Ring (lego) and Batman 2 (lego) but they were marked down so got to get them too. Opened God of War to 1st play it.
  6. I'll list down recent PS4 games that I played and wanted to get the platinum trophy but couldn't because I am still lacking the skill to finish them on higher difficulty level. 1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: As I recall whenever I tried the Shinra VR mission I was always able to get to Bahamut. But unfortunately I always gets wiped out when Bahamut cast the spell. I know I will be able to beat this eventually. 2. Darksiders 3: Apocalyptic Mode is so punishing. I lost the drive to progress the game because even normal mobs is very hard to defeat (what more when I reached the Sins battle). So have parked the game and move on to other games. 3. Titanfall 2: I couldn't get the under 35 secs. I tried for several runs but still couldn't get my time under a minute. For PS Vita: 1. Final Fantasy X: I couldn't able to get 0.00 time in the chocobo racing. 2. Dungeon Punks: Im playing only solo. Hard mode is indeed hard. I'm halfway into completing hard mode but there's this stage where wave of monsters are overwhelming. 3. Sky Force Anniversary: Still missing one star for the 100 stars. Its really hard to complete a stage in Nightmare where you destroy all enemies OR not to get hit. For PS3: 1. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late: I can't get the combo for certain characters.
  7. I'm a POP fan. So anything POP is a definite buy for me.
  8. I have never won a crown, came very close on winning it via Fall Mountain stage. I am on the left side and other player was on the right side. I can see that we were really on same pace, my heart was beating so fast as I can feel that that was my moment. I jumped and he jumped too but lost it merely by a fraction of a second as the other player grab it. Also, I am on Level 21 and I have never finished first on any round. In short, never won a round and never won a crown.
  9. I will platinum the following games if they will come out for the Ps5: From PS3: Final Fantasy XIII From PS4: God of War I have not platinum FF7 Remake yet, but I'll certainly get it so if it comes out for the Ps5 too, will definitely do that too.
  10. I haven't played much games from this generation, but for those I've played here are my top games for PS4 (this list isn't PS4 exclusive games but they are available and can be played on PS4 too): 1. Uncharted 4 2. God of War 3. Marvel's Spider-Man 4. Dragon Quest XI 5. Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom 6. Final Fantasy VII Remake 7. Nier Automata 8. Megaman 11 9. Megaman X Legacy Collection 10. Trails of Cold Steel 1 Honorable mention: 1. Final Fantasy XV (pretty sure I am one of the those few who liked the game) 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 (not on my profile yet as i've not yet sync my trophies) 3. Order 1886 (again, like FFXV, I liked this game and i'm still hoping for a sequel) 4. Ratchet and Clank (im very happy a new R&C have been announced for PS5) 5. Final Fantasy Type-0 (I was lost with the story, but really like the skirmish part of the game)
  11. Got Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 two weeks ago. Wasn't able to get FF7 last April due to the lockdown. Now that malls and other shops have started to open again was only able to purchased these two items. Been playing FF7 for a week now and it's really a very great remake.
  12. Monster Hunter World is free for PS+ (Asia) starting today.
  13. My very first purchase for year 2020, Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Have completed all of the Megaman games for the PS4. Still, hoping for the Megaman Legends Collection (cross finger)
  14. It isn't an Ultra Rare type of trophy, but i'll be heart-broken if I will lose my Final Fantasy XIII platinum trophy. I know there's a lot of hate about this game, but I love every minute/second I've spent on this game. Clearing all the Cieth missions and upgrading all the weapons and accessories to its final tier were one of the best PS3 gaming moments I've had.
  15. I love all of the Megaman games, (currently working with Megaman X8 from the MMX Legacy Collection 2) but I'll be honest that this will be the first time for me to play the Zero/ZX games. I will make time and will make the most out of this game, hopefully I'll get the Platinum.