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  1. Is it just me or is there no way to see how much experience is left/required to reach the next level?
  2. any idea on the exact location of the sno seapony? I have every other monster, except for the 3 in the nightmare world in chapter 7. I've been through the Crystal Mon Hill area multiple times, did every side mission there, revisited every spot and spawned encounters and have yet to see this seapony. Edit: nm, FINALLY got it to spawn in the cave past the hole that you can only get through with Rocky
  3. omg, duh, lol. Thanks for setting me straight.
  4. How exactly do you do this one? I've gotten them to lick me while poisoned but then I can't move on the next turn so I can't release them, and by the time I can they are no longer weakened.
  5. I don't think there is an option to upload your save data from PS4 to PS5 for this game. I'm about 90% done with the game and it only takes about 6-8 hours and likely faster on a second run if you had to do it twice. I didn't mind the game, but don't want to play it again. A couple of gotchas I saw for anyone looking to platinum this: There is a chest and two breakable objects in the "where's the hunter" chapter under a bridge about halfway through the level. I missed it twice while looking for the missing coins. The game doesn't tell you up front, but the levels that have 1250 coins will split into two parts. You should have 1000 coins in the first run, you will get the other 250 in a new area that becomes accessible later. The third part of the game (Jungle/Moon temples) is the only one where the keys can come far earlier than the card chests they open. I was convinced I missed it, but they just don't appear till later in the area. The biggest time waster in the game is if you miss coins, bc you have to play the entire chapter areas over again and get to the end for those coins to register, so be diligent, especially with the breakable objects. None of the collectible based trophies will pop until you complete the respective level when it comes to health upgrades, Frank's parts, or coins/cards.
  6. Game glitched on me in the factory. My character fell through the ground somehow, got stuck, reset to main menu and now my game loads to a black screen...awesome
  7. I did it during any OSF member boss fight. Just set your allies to fight till the brink, they will most likely go down, and you can just revive 5 times in one fight and then set them back to whatever battle style you prefer.
  8. I would just make sure you upload whatever save file has the greatest amount of time listed under it. I def used some random saves to get certain things, but when I uploaded my ~61 hour file after platting it, they all popped again for the PS5 version. You can also upload multiple save slot files but it is somewhat a pain bc you have to fire up the PS4 version, upload one save slot file, then close and open up the PS5 version to grab just that one most recently uploaded file, then repeat for every save file you have. So if uploading your longest file doesn't work, try grabbing your other save files as well.
  9. I just got the plat: All trophies worked as expected on v2.01 except for gadgets. I then backed up my saves to the cloud, disconnected from the internet, deleted the game, installed only v1.00, and got the gadgets one for the plat.
  10. If you complete a stage with a B rank or better once, you will get an additional 5,000 Lei on subsequent runs of that stage. This only applies to the first version of each. Edit: You don't have to complete the stage, i.e. get to the end, you just need to have a high enough score to get B rank before you end or die. The scores required are listed in the shop room near the door.
  11. Got through Castle 2 last night so just the Factory left really. I know I can do Mad Village 2 based on videos and the fact that I SS ranked it on my first try on run #1 without even getting the extra 5,000 lei for a B rank. Edit: Just go the plat. Factory 2 wasn't so bad once you learned the route well enough. I ended Mad Village 2 on my first try with exactly 658000 points and ran out of time w out being able to get to the exit lol....barely made it.
  12. I wouldn't say I'm ready to give up, but I'm not sure how much fun I'm having trying to get this final trophy either. Usually when I know a plat is going to be overly time intensive or difficult I can usually either avoid the game entirely or just accept the fact that I'm only going to get a B rank or something. This one is painful because I have platinum every other numbered Resi title to come out on release/remake/remaster/etc on PS3-5 (that's 0-7) and it's now sitting at a 97% completion rate. Not getting this one because of one single trophy will frustrate me to hell and back if I can't do it, but at the same time, I'm not really enjoying my time trying to get it either. I don't mind games that are hard, but this trophy is so different from everything else the title requires, and that is what makes it more frustrating. It should have been complete all levels any rank, or just S rank the first four, or something a little more in line with the rest of the trphy list as far as difficulty and time investment goes. And if they were going to push the mercs mode, why make it with only 2 trophies where one is trivial to get in the first level and the other is at the extreme other end with 10's of hours of investment, nothing in between to keep you engaged as a player. Edit: I'm through 5/8 now. I can see that Mad Village 2 wouldn't be so bad either, so I'm sure I could get that one rather easily. With enough practice, sure I can get the other 2, but at what cost.
  13. The WCX, fully upgraded w infinite ammo makes most enemies/bosses cake on VoS as well. The DPS is not as great as a fully powered STAKE but for the sake of being able to strafe and unload 80 rounds per clip before reloading you don't have to take as much time aiming either. You can mainly hip fire and kill everything easily. The STAKE is still necessary for the big wolves bc of the stun, but I found the WCX a breeze to use everywhere else and in a pinch could be your only weapon for the whole run (and costs less). The three daughters, the first Urias fight w Ethan, and Moreau all died within seconds. It works well on the soldats too bc again, you don't have to hit every shot when you can spray at the red circles and get lucky 3/5 times. Flash grenade Sturm and then unload with the WCX on his back when he is stunned. Lady D and Miranda took longer, but I think that is more due to some of the scripting that has to take place during the fights.
  14. This is a great tip, I saw this happening even on my first 4 runs with the SYG (even with RoF upgraded), I would pull the trigger and nothing would happen bc it was still pushing back out from the last pull.
  15. Don't forget Evasive Prey in Chapter 1 for making it to the house without dying. Easily done via chapter select if missed. The only other thing I would note is that this list mostly follows the order in which you would come across the trophies EXCEPT for "Fly Free". This one would occur just after the "Referee" trophy. Otherwise, this helped me plan out my run a lot so far.