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  1. Since new update I was aware of Licenses being adjusted according to the update log. However I had no idea that they made them from already being hard to almost impossible now. Basically all gold requirements have new times. Previous gold requirements before the update are now Silver trophies. Also certain trophies like gone in 60secs, drive f1 car etc...no longer unlock in Licenses mode. You will have to buy the F1 car to get the trophy now I believe.
  2. This was my case as well but now it has changed. Doesn't matter if new physics were added.
  3. Yeh its only for S licence, rest of licences are fine. Difficulty is definitely 9/10 now. Will be Platinum breaker for most people.
  4. I am new to the game and nearly finished with it. However I have one more ring to obtain which is the friend or ally ring from monumental. It requires Pure White Tendency but I cannot in hell make Tendency to move towards White no matter what I do. I haven't killed any NPCs plus slain all Black phantoms. Already on my 3rd playthrough and it just won't turn Pure White. I have tried doing coop with a friend but still stays the same. This part am confused tho. Do you to have use Black Eye stone to invade other player for Tendency to move towards White or do I have to be invaded by other player ? And how many kills exactly do you need for it to turn. Also do I use Black or red stone on which World ? Please help
  5. How often are these 3 legendary cars rotated? Please don't tell me one every month.
  6. Huge Congratulations my man. May I ask how long it took you to Platinum it ?
  7. I would also add to play this game completely offline on the latest patch. For some reason in game tracker doesn't register stats properly to pop trophies when being online. I am on my 9th Playthrough, couldn't get several trophies like exploding cars, Stealth kills and new boss while being signed in even tho I fullfiled trophy requirements. I managed to unlock them first time while being offline.
  8. Rest in peace Killzone franchise 😞
  9. What is the best way for 50 coop wins. I can't win a single one 🤣🤣
  10. How do you boost Ammo supply box with another player ? Everytime we end up against eachother and switch fraction never works even tho it's enabled.
  11. Well ain't that the shit. Such short notice. All I can say now is best of luck getting 30 online collectibles DLC trophy. Since servers were quite empty before announcement now will be battle royale between trophy hunters who finds it first. Will take twice as long also.
  12. Is this list on top of already existing PS Now ( not plus ) games already available? There are quite few games here that were already on ps now. Also what happens to all ps now games. They are being moved to ps plus premium or removed.
  13. This is nothing new. All these games so far being mentioned and released have been on PS3 PS Store for years as standlone PS2 classics. Seems like copy and paste attempt to make money out of existing games hoping no one would notice from PS3 era. Apparently the performance is much worse than their orginal counterparts which again adds to the pot of copy and paste. Sure some have trophies or will have which is nice added touch which will give them replaybility.
  14. I just tried to extend my PS+ sub via ps store. When you try add to cart it says you already own this item. What the hell like ?? My subscription expires on 02 of June. So what then am screwed until 22nd lol ?
  15. Haven't seen this posted anywhere as this game has 5 different region stacks including PS5 stack. Question is if you already obtained online trophies in lets say PS4 EU version and then fired up US version would that pop online trophies since its stored on Cloud servers and tied to same PSN ID ? I know that GT servers are region based so that could potentially prevent it from happening.