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  1. By the time the credits started rolling the first time, the Bonus menu was available for me already. Did you make sure your save file has all the levels finished on any difficulty in Chapter Select?
  2. Yup, downloading now
  3. Thanks guys! On my way to the platinum
  4. Hey guys, I just finished the game on hard, and am about to start Challenge Mode. I notice that they are letting me choose the difficulty again. Would choosing normal or casual change anything? I feel like it shouldn't, but just to be safe. Thanks
  5. Learn how to use Chronostatis effectively, and you'll basically be able to finish up all the main quests by Day 5 or so. I finished 3, 4, and 5 on Day 5 alone. By day 9 I already had 60 side quests done along with 55 prayer quests. No point in rushing; just learn where the 4 EP monsters are and use them to replenish EP when you need to use Chronostatis again.
  6. PSN ID bbbc PS Systems PS3, PS4, PSVita Accepts Blank Friend Requests NO Just add a friendly note that you're from here and I'll be good.