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  1. Sniper Elite 5 Difficult : 4/10 Fun : 10/10 one of my favorite game series Time : 34 hr the game is amazing i love sniping & stealth kill alot ( solo ) but the game is to easy the se4 harder then this one way to platinum start on cadet and collect all collectibles & mission objective clean the map for Xp get lvl 40 quick when you doing the challenge mission as well kill each target in different kill for unlock all Rifle , Smg , Pistol and make save in each chapter for do some missable trophy during the mission best way to farming 50 Ghost kill with all pistol best location mission 1 first enemy in area make manual save and kill him headshot using pistol ( same with all pistol ) best way farming all Sniper rifile 50 kill enemy headshot from distance 100 m is mission 3 spy academy ( when you start mission there is 4 sniper on high fortress tag them make save manual and kill them you will get trophy 100,000 from distance as well and repeat with all sniper best way farming all smg is mission 7 from the left side there is a respawn location you can appear and there is a tent there is 4 enemy ( sniper , officer and 2 jaguar solider ) come close take cover and make manual save then kill all of them use all smg and repeat about authentic difficult you have 2 choice first one : beat all mission solo like what i did and its more easy if you now the objectives second one : you can join some one already complete all 8 mission and he have manual save on authentic for each chapter , thats all the rest trophy is easy happy hunting
  2. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Difficult : 4/10 Fun : 9/10 Time : 29 hr
  3. Ghost Recon Wildland Difficult : 3/10 Fun : 7.5/10 collectibles is boring Time : up 60hr
  4. Elden Ring Ps5 Version Difficult : 5/10 fun : 10/10 Time : 21+ hr ( total 2 days , 3 hr ) Transfer Save : No , start a new journey in ps5
  5. Elden Ring PS4 Version Difficult: 6/10 Fun: 10/10 Masterpiece Time: 40+hr ( solo with a few boss coop ) it’s such amazing game you can actually get all trophy in 1 playthrough and there is one weapon missable ( Bolt of Cransax ) and easy to find or if you miss it just let your friend give it to you ( you can obtain trophy All legendary weapon + all talisman ) from friend if you don’t need to collect them by yourself i collect them by myself then i give them to my friend but should not +1.2.3 .. etc must without upgrade and he obtain the 2 trophy only ( Sorceries & incantation - should collect them by yourself cause there is no way to take them from friends & you need enough items to upgrade your weapon +10 ) if you doing this trophy in way to plat you only need defeat the rest of boss to get platinum with 3 ending Important note : do Elden Lord Ending & Age of the Stars at first before you kill last boss Elden Beast then do backup and go make Lord of Frenzied Flame and platinum is yours . happy hunting
  6. DarkSouls III Difficult : 7/10 for me 3.5/10 Fun: 10/10 Time : 17 hr ( 1 day 53 min total ) i have sad life with this amazing game when i played it I remember everything hurt me everyone … I can’t continue here i reach before NG+382 in DS3 and i wish i can complete NG+1000 with really dark but unfortunately I stopped i got platinum with lvl : 87 only my strategy is speedrun but not really speedrun but i feel good although i am waste timing first play darksouls and focus only all covenants + all boss with secret boss in first playthrough and take the weapon in your way second playthrough focus on third ending with the collectibles i know everything in this game exactly where he is but i do something stupid when i give the eye to firekeeper I didn’t do the second ending with first playthrough i forget to do backup and back again doing third ending and back to darkshrine again togive eye firekeeper that make me waste like 25 min Only 2 boss make me die a few time Nameless king + Dragonarmor Slayer i got help with friend cause we playing ( coop ) but not the all boss only 3 twin princess as well soul of cinder is easy if you now how to fight Then i make my backup again before soul of cinder in last ending and doing all other trophy cause there in no missable i miss it out after that i go to A London bonfire for farming 30 proof from Knight there is a Knight up stairs can give you 30 in less than 4 hr or 3 hr and half but you need were ( symbol of Avarice on head & No clothing , irithyll stright sword and keep kill them and back to bonfire for repeat ) after you got all magic trophy the ring i got from my friend and i left last ring at the shrine for got platinum with nice pic ) thats all happy hunting
  7. Bloodborne Difficult : 5/10 , DLC 7.5/10 Orphan of Koe Fun:10/10 i am in love with BB since 2017 Time : 15 hr i am shocked Everyone know Bloodborne i played it yesterday ( coop ) with friends its really bring back memories i was afraid when i played it for first time until i fall in love way to plat i make it ( 1 playthrough ) + USB backup Save for 2 different ending & doing some glitches for lvl up a few to make game little easier on my way to plat just killing the boss and i doing the missable quest for collect all weapon without ng+ but our focus on boss from main game until the DLC we know everything but i forget some places cause my head memories not good to keep remembering but my friend still know everything and he make me remember after that i doing collectibles and dungeons and i keep last trophy lvl weapon lvl + 10 i use saw,axe its good for beginning but at end i keep igig saw on me and make him lvl 10 to get this nice picture important note : trophy blood gem master you can earned from dlc before you go up steer's to kill second boss there is in item down there in area when you pick it up you will earn trophy blood gem master & you can earn it automatically as well when you doing the dungeons after beating the wolf thats all happy hunting
  8. Nioh 2 Difficult : 5/10 with DLC 7.5/10 Fun : 10/10 one of my favorite game Time : 60 hr ( with coop friend )
  9. Nioh Difficult : 6.5/10 Solo , 3/10 co-op Fun: 10/10 bring back memories Time : up 60 hr with max lvl partner Hello again this time with nioh & with old friend like the old days we played nioh first time published ( up 2000+ hr ) & me and my friend complete abyss 999 floor in old days but now he helped me to complete the game fast as we can and have fun like before strategy to plat first play the game with all sub and main mission with co-op but you need kill first boss by yourself in castle and second on ship you have to chose when you lvl 1 farming dead red sword for ( ochoko cup ) for summon random player cause you cant do any settings until you see the map after you complete this part go companion with your friend and beat the whole game and make sure ( doing 6 twinlight mission + all dojo + all sub and main mission for trophy ( The legend of samurai) every day 2 mission will appear and 2 will chamge if you not complete the game depends on your skill my build is ( sword + Kusarigama ) its mean you need heart + skill + dexterity with body the magic it’s enough with 20 point & spirit 30 focus on other ( i am complete the game with my friend on way of the wise for build 32+ farming hayabusa in last dlc cause his build is amazing if you get res or green and make reforge to make it very strong about other thinks all is on your way kodama & hot spring to many youtube video explain what you need but the game depends 100% on your skills with souls game and very good reaction for dodge i am still try complete it 100% but i have wait another days for twinlight mission changed , that’s all happy hunting
  10. Spider-Man Miles Morales Difficult: 3/10 Fun:9/10 Time: 11 hr
  11. Stray Difficult : 1/10 Fun: 10/10 Time : 4 hr & 32 minutes there is a tips and nice strategy to get platinum in easy way first i read guide and make sure no missable only one the speedrun beat the game in 2 hr maximum its very easy i am start with this trophy and follow guide beat it in 1 hr and half ignore everything and focus only on main mission “ if you pause the game the time not count this make the trophy to easy you can play with video i beat the game in 1 hr and 28 min & play again with all other trophy & all collectibles note : if you play the game like what i did when you go back collect the collectibles be careful during you collect them you need finish the chapter when you doing them by chapter select its very important if you collect some collectibles then you leave it doesn’t count i get confused when i did like this / so the easy way first play the game with all collectibles & all other trophy and enjoy in every moment with strat cat after that back again with speedrun thats all and happy hunting
  12. Ghost of Tsushima Difficult : 3/10 Fun : 10/10 Masterpiece Time: 40+ up amazing thing in this game there is no loading screen just 1 or 2 second then game will showing with all fast travel any location it’s just amazing on ps5
  13. TheEvilWithin2 Difficult: 8/10 but now 2/10 Fun: 10/10 Time: total ( 1 day & 10 hr ) one of my favorite horror game but it became very easy after last patch released from Bethesda they will add 3 different mode when you open game first time and sing in account or sing up you will have ( unlimited health - unlimited stamina - 1 hit kill for all enemy and boss expect the last boss but still easy with no die when i play the game first time i am suffering to get plat but now anyone can obtain it My Guide to get platinum fast first you play on nightmare or survival for first playthrough and do collectibles from ch1 to ch3 then stop . Now best way to not missable anything clean the chapter 3 without going to main mission start left it until you doing ( sniper - shotgun - crossbolt & collectibles and afew trophy in this chapter then clean the enemies for get trophy killing from 30 to 60 you will have alot thing in this ch after you see everything alright continues and per ch check what you want like part or mission side story or weapon and there is afew missable trophy ch5 and 9 , 11 , 14 like kill lura first time run & second time kill her you just need do backup before doing anything after you beat the game with killing you will have enough to upgrade some or weapon or anything you want then back again play on classic its easy with last patch make you playing without seen to beat the game lol , thats all happy hunting
  14. TheEvilWithin Difficult : 9/10 for me 4.5/10 Time: up 50 hr fun: 10/10 platinum pop when the cpu calculated me time my time with speedrun trophy under 5 hr is ( 03:41:52 hr & 4 dead only ) My way to platinum first i played on survival difficult and doing collectibles & all keys with all chapter trophy challenge ( there is one trophy about kill lura with explosive some player doing it in NG+ but you don’t need NG+ to do it -> after you reaching last area aginst lura in ch10 use crank and body fire with some bullet pistol on her after that use greande it will count as explosive that how i got trophy in first playthrough & i farming gel as well & you can back up your save or make new slot for new game then i play on ng+ chapter 2 at end its good spot to farming all trophy kill it will count but you have to finish the chapter you can do melee kill when u upgrading flashlight when u train zombie and shot then just melee you can hit 3 or 2 in time and you have 15 sec to kill them just pick up scrab from trap and doing this method to easy after this go new game playing the game again on casual without upgrade any skill then back play on AKUMA new game this is the hardest one but the game is to old and there is alot strategy to do it after completing everything and you beat the game 3 time it’s enough to to play again beat it under 5 hr just run and skip and do the necessary thing and ignore the other but still depends on your move and you strategy thats all , happy hunting
  15. in final area in chapter 10 with lura destroy some crank on her and shoot afew bullet on her using shotgun then use the grenade the grenade same explosive rocket luncher very effective on her you can take her down to easy with this method you dont need waste yout ammo if keep using body fire and crank with 3 or 4 grenade should be fine to kill her fast