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  1. they patched it.......I am very very sad....😭 I wonder can it be boost in private match...?
  2. thanks for posting crown video, your intention is great but your video is kinda terrible, with no measurement at the begin and even nothing after you finish the fight, you attacked the monster as soon as you see it, sometimes silver crown and gold crown looks very close, so without measurement is hard to tell, I really do appreciate your work and hope you can do it a little better...
  3. I platted the game on Mar 05 2017, got the theme email on Mar 08,2017.
  4. I have a friend that would like to join and I can help too, in case you guys dont have enough ppl tonight, just hit me up and I will fill the spot. I've done the raid a lot of time.
  5. WHAT? no campaign...? I didnt know that....
  6. looks good to me, I am down for any Quantic Dream game.
  7. oh noooooo, so many mp trophies...noooooo
  8. THANKS THANKS THANKS, got it back
  9. I accidently used my paper glue on a ugly mask....&$@*(&(#)
  10. Looks awesome, hope they will announce this soon at Canada.
  11. no life killing glitch on me for the whole game
  12. always been one of my FAV series, glad they will release Chinese version on day 1, so I dont have to wait for it to come to the west like Yakuza 5....
  13. I have the same problem....lots lots lots games sitting there collecting dust and waiting for me to play....felt sad and hopeless of as a game shopaholic
  14. Ellie - The Last of Us Jodie Holmes - Beyond: Two Souls
  15. the more the better, grow playstation nation, GROW