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  1. I had this issue with many Vita games recently. Seems it got fixed while I was still going back and forth with support.
  2. Would be nice if they'd fix the thing as well. I bought a game yesterday and can't download it. Just get an error message.
  3. Because the website keeps profiles up to date.
  4. Why would you update another user?
  5. Sarcasm isn't a thing in some cultures.
  6. Well I bought FIFA 06 last time, and wasn't that impressed. Didn't have loot boxes, though, so maybe I was wrong.
  7. First it's square boxes, then it'll be triangles. Mark my words.
  8. Just when you thought 2020 was bad... now this.
  9. "Never compromise... even in the face of armageddon." Bill Gates, 1987.
  10. I've been playing a lot of Vita and PS3 games lately. Just got a PS4, though, sorry.
  11. I have an Xbox One in China, and it currently requires a social security number to be entered on a government app (downloaded through the store) before any game (even Spyro) will boot. This is an official Microsoft console. So if you think Microsoft ought to have some moral stand either way, don't be so sure.
  12. isn't one purpose of websites like these to assess trophy rarity? Some platinums will always be cheaper than others.
  13. When in Rome, sir. When in Rome.
  14. The concept is great. Zero is great. But this game blows it after the first round of the AB game. I'll start by saying I understand why people like this game. So if you do, great. These are just my feelings. Anyway, after reaching a couple of the endings (or not, as is the case with the story locks), I couldn't help feeling that the same events unfolded for each path. Someone goes missing, someone is found dead, or they're searching for bombs. And those are the good parts. The rest of the time is spent talking (at length) about combinations and voting strategy. This is unfortunate because the AB game is a fun idea, but what is said over lines and lines of dialogue could be left to the player to deduce. When it comes to going through the chromatic doors, I don't bother thinking about it. A character in the game will come to an immediate conclusion and lay out the three options. And then they'll talk, and talk, and talk, and nothing particularly new is said. It's a conversation I've heard five times before about points and trust. I'll throw an idea out there so I'm being more constructive. Perhaps give the player the option to choose which door to go through first. Let the player think about the colour bracelets and the potential consequences it might have on the AB game. THEN bring out the exposition. Show the fallout of such an action. Perhaps your choice is invalid or perhaps the other characters are unhappy about it. And finally throw it back to the player. Stick with your choice, if possible, or change. Something similar could be achieved with the AB game. Maybe things will improve. There have been a few interesting plot twists. I just don't want to sit through another 5 paths of where's wally to get there. (And don't get me started on the door opening cutscenes.)
  15. You mean confetti? The motion control parts really aren't bad. You never have to tilt the vita AND jump. You can tilt things first; line it up. Keep the Vita steady and then jump.