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  1. What are the tips then? I've been cheesing it on easy mode, and can't imagine having a single HP. Block more? Your sword breaks instantly in some cases. Probably need to roll, but I hate the controls for that. Can't pull it off instantly.
  2. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds
  3. Hate to say it but... there's really not much luck involved if you master the system. You can calculate most aspects of a shot quite accurately. For example, count the squares on the green for approach shots. Unfortunately I haven't played in over 7 years, so I can't be too specific. But let's say there's a 10mph wind to the left, you ought to be able aim 5 squares to the right on the pin. Likewise, you can calculate the power within a couple of percentage points, too. And don't forget to check the lie of the ball. If it's sloping left, the ball will fly left. You can also increase or reduce power at impact. If you require a shot at 98% then simply hit a max power shot and reduce power at impact. It's easier than trying to perform a 98% shot.
  4. That works nicely!
  5. Because clearly I thought the anime came before game. And since I don't often watch anime or play visual novels, I'm using anime loosely. Hell, I was referring to this game as anime. I did not mean to provoke here. I like the game. That said, I found the scene very bizarre. Perhaps I misinterpreted it... but that's why I'm asking.
  6. Early on in the game, during the war, when Suzuha takes Mayuri's daughter back in time... Daru pouts or makes a joke (can't remember what it was), and Suzuha says don't do that, it's not right. Daru says don't take my jokes seriously. Then the exposition says Suzuha wishes he weren't joking.
  7. What's up with Suzuha wanting her dad to like her in "that" way? It's so jarring.
  8. What brought about the true ending? I followed the guide to reach it (like most people, I assume), and can't help wondering about the significance of ignoring certain messages from Suzuha and talking about being a bad scientist etc. with Kurisu. Think I would've preferred a more traditional choice system. It would've made trying to save Kurisu at the end more meaningful. As it was, it felt arbitrary.
  9. Well, it's funny how, having beaten the game on a couple of endings, I now like all of the characters...
  10. Is it possible to permanently go offline? I'm trying to do the DLC trophies and beat the developer times but the game is constantly trying to connect to the servers. It tries for over a minute before letting me continue with the next event.
  11. "....providing a more difficult offline counterpart to get the same trophy (mass effect andromeda out of all games actually did this, perhaps the only good thing about the game)." Couldn't agree more.
  12. Genji Days of the Blade
  13. Online only trophies make me sad.
  14. God of War. Got most of the trophies, and I don't feel like playing it again to get the "under 5 hours" trophy.
  15. Buying some PS Plus games I played years ago.