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  1. So when I beat Maya for the first set of endings, I would beat Maya then load up my save from before each time so technically I think my save thinks I've only done 1 base ending before moving onto the final floor, will this lock me out of the hidden ending? or do I just need the girl's wishes and special endings for each girl to get the final hidden ending?
  2. Managed to get 2 Platinum's in close succession these last couple of days so gonna post them both: #47: Wolfenstein: The New Order Had a lot of fun with this game, been in my backlog pretty much since I got my PS4 many years ago now but finally got around to beating it. Super solid FPS gameplay and a fairly easy road to platinum. Biggest challenge is the last couple of missions on Über difficulty, so I'd say it's about a 4/10 in terms of difficulty. #48: Dead Rising Saw this was on sale on the PSN store and I only ever played in sequel back in the day so I thought I'd grab it. Had no idea till I'd already started how time consuming the platinum was going to be with Zombie Genocider and 7-Day Survivor. The game itself is fun with arcade style gameplay and an interesting (but no way mind-blowing story). The worst part about this platinum is when you mess up on 7-day survivor, took me three tries till I managed to do it but the nerves I had making sure I never forgot to heal up was a lot. Probably give this one about a 7-or-8/10 but this mainly comes from the effort required rather than difficulty.
  3. Modern Warfare 2! Love that game but could never finish all the spec ops missions!
  4. Damn completely missed this event..... Stupid exams Good luck to everyone! I loved reading this thread and the most recent platinum after last time! Hopefully I'll be around for round 3
  5. Thats surprising they've put Tate vs Nunes as the main event I would have thought now that jones is gone that Lesnar would be the biggest draw
  6. On the topic of Ziggler I've noticed whenever he does the HBK tuning up the band for his super kick he never hits it? is this wrong or is it like Ric Flair wearing red tights whenver he was gonna lose?
  7. 954 Deaths. 103 Mom kills. Best streak of 4. and the Binding of Isaac Platinum :3

    1. chickenbaltipie


      awesome well done - amazing game, i'm playing the DLC now and its well worth it

  8. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, flipping a map twice is a long and stressful experience.....
  9. Exams end in a week and I realise I own all the God of War games apart from 3, is it worth getting the ps3 copy or the ps4? Is there much difference? (Never played a god of war game so far)

    1. Jarred__383


      Graphics looked better on the ps4. Other than that it is the exact same game.

    2. Yadilie


      15 dollars for PS4 on Amazon if you're American. No reason not to get it on that if you have a PS4. Not going to save much money otherwise.

  10. I watched it recently as well! so good!
  11. This. Bret trying to lock in the Sharpshooter seems awkward and kinda sad when you think about what that means. Otherwise and awful finish to a stellar match, I would want them to put the belt on Natalya, have her being out some good matches with current divas and then drop the belt to Sasha at SummerSlam. Atm it feels too much like NXT storyline again on Raw and when/if Bayley comes up anytime soon this is surely going to get worse......
  12. They better, otherwise that is too much disrespect to her. Also I want Anderson and Gallows to attack Roman at Payback and then Aj Styles gets on the mic and starts shouting at them "I didn't need your help I could win on my own" and they reply something like "who says we were helping you?" Lights go out they come back on and Finn is in the ring and the Balor Club attacks Aj styles. Because lets face it Aj isn't winning the title so this imo is next best thing
  13. When I read this WWE issued a statement confirming it
  14. They planned for Seth to drop the belt to Roman before his injury I doubt they'll give it back to him straight away
  15. Seeing as Aj styles has now been put in the main event scene while Finn is in NXT I agree people are gonna think Styles started it :/