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  1. Hey you!!!!I'm back home now if you wanna game! : )

  2. I can't remember, but I went around most of the game using the scare box. As long they get scared by it dosen't matter I wouldn't think.
  3. I don't know if it will cause a problem, but at the end of the day its a machine so leaving it running for a long time might come to bite you in the ass at some point. I wouldn't do it but I'm over paranoid about that kinda stuff.
  4. Please remind me why those two trophies need to be "reworked"? The trophies are simple enough as they are, a little common sense and its simple. The game will notify you when you have a 100% risk to your clan, when it gives you the option pick something you can do. One of the most basic and easy ways you can make sure you won't lose your clam is Healing. The trophies are fine the way they are.
  5. Woke up fairly early today so thought I would get a start on the bonus dungeon on Persona 4. And then pops the "Hardcore Risette Fan" trophy, I feel like one lucky guy right now. ^^

    1. DragonCharm


      nice! that is awesome :)

    2. Ao_Iconoclast


      Hardest trophy to get in that game, you're pretty much home free for the platinum.

  6. I also had the same problem, tried to get on and wouldn't let me. So I went onto the sony website to change my password to be on the safe side. Checked to see if everything else on the account was in order and it was.
  7. #72 - Prototype Been awhile since I posted my latest Plat so here we are with Prototype. I had a personal beef with this game, I remember when I was a little Draco playing this game for the first time when it came out around 2009. I always thought to myself then it was a impossible game to Plat, so kinda made me not want to try for the Plat in this game. But comming back to it older and wiser, it was not bad as I remember. Was a very fun and enjoyable to play all the way to the Plat. Give it a go and add a Ultra Rare Plat to your collection everyone. =)
  8. Got my Killzone Mercenary Plat today! So that makes it #71. ^^

  9. 70 here sorry to say. =/ Guess I will go with 32. >.<
  10. Nothing like chasing a wild rat out of your living room at 1 in the morning. -_-

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Maybe he was just after your apple cider. That is what rats live for :)


    3. Lady Lilith

      Lady Lilith

      Should have taken a picture of it and sent it to Joey.

      #1 Rattata!

    4. Syfy87


      You squealed like a little girl didn't you!

  11. I have joined the PS Vita cool kids club. =3

    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Nice, make sure you get fitted for your Vita Club jacket lol. What games did you get for it?

    2. DracoLionheart


      Hey Prinny, I only got Killzone since it wasn't much there when I got the console. But the next games I get for it are Persona 4 and Rainbow Moon. =3

    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Killzone is pretty good, definitely a good game to start your vita experience with. Persona 4 Golden is the best game on vita imo so hope you enjoy it. Rainbow is also a very good and addictive game

  12. After putting it off for like 6 months, I finally 100% DmC Devil May Cry. I know see why I put it off for so long, all them damn playthoughs I had to do! But I feel proud of my work. =)

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    2. DracoLionheart


      Thank you everyone, Draco love for you all! =P

    3. DracoLionheart


      Thank you everyone, Draco love for you all! =P

    4. Mcbeanstr


      Congrats. I need to do that myself

  13. Welcome! Feel free to go ahead and add me, it's always nice to have a fellow Final Fantasy/Resident Evil fan on the good ol friends list. ^^
  14. Are you 100% you have all the Staffs? Even the one that is drops by the Wizards?
  15. Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay here at the loony bin that is PSNP. ^^