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  1. just doing my playthrough now on permadeath setting....all deaths so far 3 in all have been falling deaths unbelievable haha and now after 52mins of gameplay....i fall off the bridge with abby up high....jeez....harsh
  2. The witcher 3 wild hunt going back over titles iv owned to change A to S - far cry 4 - G.R wildlands - are also recent
  3. thanks for this, back in the day i had problems with this quest, want to change the A to S and i will use this method , thanks again - stand alone play through here i come
  4. i do hate auto popping will never do it to any titles i have - if u liked the game that much u can do it again its a cop out to be honest
  5. very proud of my platinum for this in remaster, and the hard mode runs, hate it when they make it easy....i wont feel as proud if i play this version....
  6. oh another thing comes to mind , be careful of your actions in game or in towns etc, quest npc's (as the game will warn you) will not speak to you if u perform bad deeds, stealing / harming people and stuff - again from my exp i had 1 town's rep degrade badly for being seen choking a townsperson and to repair the rep took awhile and i needed this npc to like me to carry on the quest ,
  7. " the never ending nightmare " #46 very pleased as the countdown mode and invisible modes were a slight challenge good to get off my backlog
  8. best thing to do is make many many different save files, so if a mistake is made u can reload it at a earlier point, the guides on this website are helpful , for example i should of been at a quest start at 12pm game time and was late and it failed, re-load earlier save ( manual saves by the way ) and had no problem
  9. i love the game played last year and platinum #30 and very happy with it, hours and hours of training to become a fighter and all the different quests awesome , cant rate it more...role playing of the highest order , just make time for it i would say to any new starter , make a huge session for a month or 2 and your will be rewarded for your efforts - hardmode is something im thinking of doing, i left it so i could play again...may turn my 200 hours into 400 but i dont mind
  10. im about to hit episode one here in this mode, i have almost all skills which should see me through - wish me luck
  11. do you have any advice on the 4th episode "no damage from alex in sub mine level" i swear im taking no damage and its not popping , if AI takes damage does it void it? im really confused 4 trys no damage no medal im using sub weapons to bring her down quickly, could they be harming me? im no where near them, really stuck here
  12. playing after the platinum with DLC yes, im doing it now - getting more S' , A'S are ok but i missed many DLC over the years , love the re-visit on some more then others tho haha
  13. hey - i haven't read all reply's but as someone who got the platinum and just bought the DLC - i took a brake in between but there both very possible to do the plat and 100% but all i would say is your in it for the long hall, one of the side activates was to stack 5 rocks up high in a row - very frustrating but i loved it in all honestly ,
  14. ok thank you for reply
  15. iv read so many bugged topics i hate starting another one but in this DLC my rebel activities are not on the map, a tower cast or a headhunter is not there and im 1/2 - if i cant get 100% on it i will stop playing now lol just need to know thanks in advance