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  1. That was the plan at first but with the PS5 so hard to get at the start they made a PS4 version of the game so those unlucky could still play the game.
  2. As far as I remember the DLC's were never made free, the only way to play them now would be to know someone that has them already sadly.
  3. my longest is 1163 days starting Feb. 22, 2016 ending April 29th 2019. My second longest is currently 1118 days starting May 1st 2019 to current date.
  4. 1200 matches check No platinum check Wait a sec... But seriously who thought it was a good idea to put a 1200 match trophy and not a plat with that kind of grind when we have a truck load of easy games with plats. >.>
  5. Cool so I was a day late lmao, good work and keep it up. 😀
  6. Hello PSNP team there is a mistake in the site reading the NA Aborigenus. The NA version is showing as the EU Version. I own the NA version got trophies in it and the site says I played the EU version. Can this be fixed at all?
  7. That is exactly how I did my run lmao, I play my mmo's mostly on the PC but got into the XIV Beta on my PS3 so played their first before getting the PC version.
  8. Yes you will keep your character. Personally as a person that has sunk 6000 hours into the game at least I can say if you like Final Fantasy and MMO's the game is a good investment. and the new Expansion launches Nov. 23rd so you would be coming in at a good time.
  9. well kind of, you see your account is cross platform so if you meet the requirements for the trophies you just have to do one of the activity to pop the trophy. Say blacksmith 1000 items you would have to make another blacksmith item to pop it.
  10. Old: lvl 35 44% in New: lvl 464 53% in
  11. 4am: 765 5am: 610 6am: 388 7am: 212 8am: 93 9am: 42 most my trophies are 3am and 4am lol
  12. Ya no I will stick with my current set up, cheaper... lmao
  13. totally worth 20k 😁
  14. looks like it had a physical release in Japan but not seeing any in NA so it may be digital only outside of Japan.
  15. I believe they decided last year they were done with E3 and doing their own thing throughout the year.