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  1. It's a good psn plus game in it's first weekend. I guess they have some major network traffic now. Seems obvious to me....
  2. Cool stuff? Wanna Play? TaFfinski!
  3. Jeeh....? Did I scare people with my info?
  4. The American Saga (Birth of a new World) has a BLES code and AC Liberation HD is on the disc. 2GB in size. All three games are on 1 disc BTW. AC III, AC Black Flag and AC Liberation HD. Cheers.
  5. Aha! Well sold my c64, my Amiga and all stuff. I still have a Vectrex though. I'm collecting now.
  6. Hi! Just want to share my experience. 71 km and 833 meters on Vortex. Got the DLC trophy inbetween (10 km with spinner wheels offline (7 km) and online (3 km)). Back to the Vortex wheels to total 74 km and 833 meters. Trophy popped. I only play online, so ONLINE counts towards this trophy. Checked it after every few games and it has always counted my km's. Regards, TaFfinSki
  7. Shame, I've got some tips for thropies, but not for the whole game.
  8. I got Afrika for 10 Euro's some years ago in a local store (English version) and got Aquanauts on Ebay for 60 Euros. English version also. Had a feeling those 2 games were gonna be special some day. Now, Afrika English goes for 60 Euros or higher, Aquanauts for 175 Euros minimum. Good bargain I say. Aquanauts is a really super relaxing game. It sets your mind free.
  9. I'll buy Gran Turismo 3 & 4 if they come available on the PS4. Awesome games.
  10. I love youre site. Just signed up for a year. Freaking awesome!