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  1. According to reviews this game doesn't quietly live up to the hype that AC: BF created I loved BF but didn't even finish AC III If you've played the game, do you think that it's worth buying at full price? Thanks
  2. Hi How do so many people have this platinum? The ORB at Lune Tree is just IMPOSSIBLE to get! After 1 hour of focused gaming I thought I was finally there! Then I saw that there was this course with blades left.... Guess what? I died after about 30 tries and respawned at the damn bottom again... Tips would really help me out! Ruben
  3. Hi I haven't bought GT6 yet (Probably somewhere in May next year) but I would like to know how much of you guys play with a controller/wheel! I am a big fan of GT5 but never bought a wheel for it because I have nothing to place it on. Ruben
  4. Starting August 31, the prices for Playstation Plus will increase For a year, you'll be paying €59,99 instead of €49,99 For 3 months, you'll be paying €24,99 instead of €19,99 For 1 month, you'll be paying €7,99 instead of €6,99 If your subscription's ending soon, I suggest you elongate it before August 31 Greets
  5. Contacted support and they also told me to restore licenses like Stevieboy. For some reason it did work the second time! Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. Hi, I bought this in a sale and the season pass was included with the game... I never downloaded the DLC, but for whatever reason my PS4 keeps saying that the DLC is installed. When in-game and trying to acces the DLC, the game tells me to download the DLC, but when it redirects me to the PS Store, it says that I've already installed it. I tried deleting the game, but the PS4 still says that the DLC is installed. Has anyone else had this problem or a solution? I've already google'd quite a bit, but I didn't find anything relevant. Thanks in advance
  7. Didn't try that yet until now, but it didn't resolve the problem
  8. Hi guys, does anyone know if this if F2P? Ruben
  9. Anyone else interested in my Driveclub Bikes boosting challenge for the MP related trophy? We need 2 more people

  10. I just created an official clan for PSNProfiles on If you'd like to join, please post your PSN ID below, so that I can invite you! Members: Rubieno James_Page weeztha Invited: Matthew_Banfield m4ns4hil You must accept the invite on this site: Ruben
  11. I'm having troubles connecting to PSN for about 3 days now! I already restarted my vita and the router but it doesn't seem to work... I can use the browser though! Anyone else having these problems? EDIT: I can connect to PSN on my PS3 Ruben
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering... Is this my internet connection, or is the multiplayer as good as dead?! This is quite a problem since i need a few more trophies that are easy but time consuming online Ruben
  13. The Realistic difficulty setting in BO III is tough, but Brutal in The Nathan Drake Collection is worse

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      I was working on realistic last night, co op partners is very helpful. Haven't tried UC Brutal yet

    2. Rubieno


      I'm doing it with AI, 'cause I thought not all real players were gonna be as useful as others lol

  14. I think you need to do an entire playtrough in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes... Chapter select afterwards isn't an option
  15. Post some of your best goals here so the rest of us can watch 'em!
  16. Thinking the exact same thing... People are picking games that are yet to be released
  17. Looking for someone that is willing to help me get the "Friendship Rules" trophy in Borderlands 2 on PS4

    1. Saltyie


      Yo, I can help

    2. Rubieno


      Great! I'll add you :)

  18. This guy used to work for IGN... He probably still works in the industry! Could that have something to do with it?
  19. I was gonna buy Driveclub, but then I saw that there were already 11 DLC Packs out... I guess I'll wait for the Bundle

    1. BlindMango


      It's got a lot of DLC, but half of the packs are like $2 and the other half are like $4. If the season pass is still out that is like $25 =P

  20. Just watched Interstellar, you did it again Nolan... Awesome

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    2. XchocomanX


      Best movie of 2014. That ending <3.

    3. Rubieno


      The whole concept of the film is just mind blowing

    4. ZeroXOF


      Saltyie - Ah ok, I heard bad things that some of the scenes had bad sound issues. Like certain background noises would be louder than the actor/actress voice.

      Rubieno - Thanks, I'll check it out on friday. (Movie night)

      XchocomanX - I heard good things about it, pretty excited.

  21. My BF4 Savefile got deleted... Thanks a lot EA, ffs

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    2. BhekifaZ


      It sucks doesn't it? Had that happen to me twice before I figured out what triggered it.

    3. BlindMango


      I know, they STILL haven't completely fixed the save file corruption thing, it was a mess at launch but its improved but still happens every now and then, it's so annoying, lol

    4. ShadowStar83x


      @cold Yea, but there are so many sheep who will support them blindly, so doesn't do much good.

  22. Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita! Hooray, Praise Sony

    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      I knew it would be on there at some point. I already bought and platted it. It is great game though dood

    2. Rubieno


      I was gonna buy it a few months ago... Luckily I didn't

    3. dontwaketheKIDS


      Sweet, was going to buy it last week!

  23. Uncharted 4 got delayed! Fucking hell

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    2. PLamb858


      Yeah I think so too. It's totally gonna be worth the wait.

    3. funboy1246


      it sucks i have to wait longer for it but so long as its an amazing game like the rest. i dont mind. ill find something to keep me busy

    4. Sigma999


      The one that gotta me rage to the skies was the delay of MGS V to September . I can wait longer for U4, no problem.

  24. I connect my laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable when I want my laptop screen to be on both the laptop and TV... Works fine for me EDIT: Your laptop needs HDMI output to do this