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  1. You can earn XP for the Lvl 100 trophy in virtually any mode, but online and offline multiplayer are the fastest ways to do this, especially with multipliers that can be purchased in the archives
  2. In ranked mode you'll come across a friend every match if you are both playing, and occasionally come across some bozo with over 10,000 matches who absolutely destroys you and all you hold dear. A private KOTH match can easily hold up to 8 ppl for the I Voted trophy as well as any other KOTH or Survivor trophies you need to take care of.
  3. Servers are still up, just got all online myself. NRS will probably announce it when they die just like with MK9.
  4. Got the trophy around 150ish wins, got the 200 online fights trophy around 230ish wins
  5. I have 104 wins, none of which ended with rage quits as I played with a friend online, and yet I have no trophy. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Can you tell me how many it took?
  7. I used Luke and spammed sand blast, and used the snap-back combo when foes got close. Constant CAs and continues, this mode is doable for even new players.
  8. I have just spoken with a NRS employee over email who told me that Invasion Bosses are weekly. I returned to this game less than a week ago to try to plat it, only to see a million posts claiming that it may be impossible due to the lack of invasion bosses - with the most recent trophies around this being about a month ago. I wasn't here to check on Invasion bosses for a while; when was the last one? Like I said, an employee told me they are weekly, is this actually the case?
  9. Save scumming doesn't work anymore, try doing the Random Ability events and work towards the CatWoman Legendary Multiverse.
  10. Redo em all to make sure you didn't miss one. If it still doesn't pop, the only thing you can do is start anew.
  11. Albeit it's a shitty time, but the 100 transitions, 100 wins with pounce can both be easily grinded, and will likely come naturally long before the 50 hrs is up. Honestly, catwoman will do most of the work for you if you just let the cpu run. Watch youtube, do work from home, schoolwork, binge tv, or play games on a different platform while having a cpu CatWoman grind for you. If you're at work, you can logically run a muted cpu game in the background with the remote play app. I haven't played this game in a little while tbh, I'm doing lots of things, and when I do play a game, it's something else. But when I'm doing homework, or watching something, or just about anything where I'm chilling, I'll just let the game run. Just remember to save regen chips and sacrifice gear. And geez man, 190 hrs?!? I haven't even had the cpu grind that much. Press square on the character select, go left once or twice to select your ai to play for you.
  12. Hey y'all, been working on getting Cat Call for awhile and I'm always seeing people ask about the RNG and how to get better luck in unlocking it. Bizarrely, there is a guaranteed way to get Cat Call that seemingly no one knows about - or perhaps, nobody pursues because it is a long grind. If you are willing to put 50 hours into CatWoman - or, realistically, have a cpu CW play while you do other things, plus saving all of her rare gear for sacrifice, you will get access to an event which rewards you with a guaranteed CW ability - and it can be replayed until you have all of her abilities! You'll need to sacrifice 250 pieces of rare or better CW gear, blow 1,000,000 credits, 100 regen tokens, get 100 victories with pounce (down down X, X) 100 stage transitions as CW, and get 1000 victories with CW. But most arduously, you'll need 50 hrs of gameplay with her, which you will get long after you complete these other challenges. O all of this and complete her legendary multiverse challenges, and finally, you will unlock a boss fight in which you can unlock an ability. This tower does cost 50,000 guild credits to play per attempt, and you can easily grind every credit you need during those 50 hours. Yes, it's a super long grind, but there's a decent chance you'll grind for much longer if you don't put resources into it. Either way, you'll be playing several hours as CW to try to earn this ability for the trophy, and this way is at least guaranteed. Good luck.
  13. So as soon as the faction war ended, it all left again, perhaps in another week we'll see our next invasion! I think things are back on track - I'm optimistic at the very least. I'll keep checking and update this thread if anything happens.
  14. The invasion towers are back! It's only a matter of time before the next invasion boss is here! The current invasion will be over in around an hour and a half as of writing this, so keep checking up on the faction wars to get those last trophies!
  15. So I have 11 ranked wins and no trophy - however, some of these wins, including the 10th and 11th, were disconnects. Does the trophy only count legitimate wins, or does the 10th win have to be legitimate while the rest can be disconnects? I'm at 11 wins as well, so am I just screwed? Any help would be appreciated!
  16. Thanks for clarifying! After several rage disconnects, I finally have the trophy!
  17. So all of my wins need to not be disconnects, or just my next? I'm assuming I need ten legitimate wins?
  18. Thanks for linking the topic!
  19. I'm curious to know how people actually boosted this game. I have heard stories of people who had over 100 ranked matches against one foe in a row. How? Was it by using crappy internet to only connect to certain people or something? Did you somehow make a custom server? If anyone knows how, please tell me! Thank you in advance! Please spare me your speeches on how I shouldn't do this, my boosting doesn't affect your game, and with the lack of people playing, it's too hard to even get a match in the first place.