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  1. I just didn't want to carry the thread on (as he carries the thread on). I basically explained how I made a mistake with my initial input on this subject. How I was new to the forum when I first commented on it (still pretty new). How I should have educated myself around previous topics that had came & gone/been closed around these games and that if I'd done that I would never have got involved. That I will be trying to stay away from this topic in future. Wasn't anything special. Nothing bitchy or shitty.
  2. What a night. Costa Rica the biggest tease of the World Cup. At one point Spain almost went with Germany. That would have been incredible ! I'd like to feel sorry for the Germans but as an England fan 'Error 404'. But in all seriousness they have good players so I'm glad they're gone. Costa Rica's World Cup : We were so under the radar not even we seen us coming 😎
  3. Costa Rica 2 - 3 Germany 🙁
  4. COSTA RICA 2 - 1 GERMANY WHAAAAAAAAAAT haha come on !
  5. Get in Costa Rica 1 - 1
  6. Can't believe Fuller didn't score for Costa Rica. Germany not convincing but 1 - 0 up at HT.
  7. Just in case anyone doesn't know the Va Va voom ad.
  8. I think he will Va Va voom himself somewhere new haha
  9. I think that will be the end of Roberto Martinez time as Belgium manager. FIFA rate them number 2 in the world. Can't be getting knocked out in the group stages. Will Costa Rica do the unthinkable? I doubt it but I'm looking forward to finding out lol
  10. Deleted
  11. 6 weeks from start to reset.
  12. For the 90 milestone. It's time limited. Resets every season. The time left in a season is shown in objectives (If not already on screen).
  13. I don't want too... I don't know why I am... but my fingers are pressing buttons... So @Darling Baphomet Loving the new picture, irrelevant, anyway. It doesn't matter what shovelware players admit. Yes we are lazy. Yes we are buying trophies. Nobody is going to compliment us on our honesty. I'm always honest. A duck is a duck. But people will crap on other people regardless. If Sony stop making the games us addicts will stop buying them. If the leaderboard stops counting the games us addicts will adapt. Just simple honesty please don't give me shit for it. @melodicmizery It doesn't matter if you've platinumed every game on the planet. If you try to defend what has been declared 'shovelware' everything you say is going to be picked apart. They are a general consensus. They are correct for the most part. Let's let this moment in gaming die the death it should die. People make change. Sometimes change is good. The less shovelware is created the less money we give to unworthy causes. I'm half drunk and will regret this comment later. So please ignore me.
  14. Yeah the UK channels showed the goals from 74 & 82 & Some other footage of the people of that time. Crazy times for Polish people. I'm glad the ball is still in the game... I doubt we'd watch it without a ball hahaha. Good luck for the next game 👍
  15. Its like Voldemort mate. Just shouldn't mention it lol