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  1. Maybe try to just hug your snake up and down the screen leaving enough space at the bottom to go around and repeat the pattern. Use the D-Pad not the analog stick. The apples keep appearing in endless mode so I'd imagine you'll eventually eat enough to hit the score.
  2. Yeah it's good fun. If you enjoy this game overall there's others on the store like Classic Snake Adventures & Snakeybus that are worth a look.
  3. Snake VS Snake is currently on sale for £1.31 with PS Plus discount. Gave it a go, was surprised to see it is currently a Rare Platinum. I used to love playing Snake on an old Nokia brick as a kid, Anyway... The only remotely challenging part of this Platinum is the hardcore mode. Complete the 19 levels which finishes in a boss fight with only 3 lives to do so. Well I died in the later levels a few times, on one I quit, I then noticed the game allowed me to continue from that attempt with the life intact as I did not die before quitting (I missed an apple, knew it was blocked so quit). Therefore you can play hardcore mode with your finger over the pause (Options) button, if you miss an apple or make a wrong turn quit and then continue. You start at the beginning of that level again with your lives intact. If you die the life is gone so this method is for simple mistakes. You will not keep the life if you quit as you died. It's for if you missed an apple or a key and know you can't finish the level but have not actually died yet. Alternatively cloud saves work. I made a cloud save before the boss fight. It's a very easy boss fight but I died and the cloud save was the smart move so I didn't have to complete the 18 levels to get to it again. So you can use the cloud to essentially give you unlimited attempts at any particular level. My impatience for the Platinum lead me to this method. Me as a 10 year old would have played this for days lol. The game itself is great, rated it 5 stars. 100% worth playing especially at the current price. Hope this is useful to anyone who just wants to grab the Platinum.
  4. Some will breeze through this game but I found it tough at times so thought I'd share a few tips for any average players like myself. So for the platinum your going to play 15 Arenas, each Arena has 20 waves of enemies (slimes). It's actually the same 5 Arenas on repeat however the enemies are more difficult as you progress. Once unlocked I used the Blizzard gun fully upgraded for most of the game. I found this to be the best gun. In Arenas 5, 10 & 15 there are two corners where you can tuck yourself away and pretty much stay still for the 20 waves using the fully upgraded Blizzard. The enemies can't get behind or beside you & the Blizzard will freeze them all in front of you so it's just a matter of waiting out the waves (You may have to move around in Arena 15 as it's Gold slimes from the start on that one but the Blizzard gun was still the way for me. I failed with the Tiger & Army guns). I used a fully upgraded Tiger gun for Arenas 13 & 14. I found Arena 14 toughest. Using the Tiger gun alone isn't enough the game has to be kind to you in terms of the random upgrades. If your using the Tiger gun you will want to choose multi-shot whenever it's available. Also any upgrade to increase attack speed, damage & piercing. I found increasing sensitivity in the game settings helpful. The original settings are too slow to turn in time to kill some of the faster enemies. Arena 9 was buggy for me. Enemies stopped coming out of the door/portal stopping the waves from progressing. If this happens just go right up to the door/portal and shoot through it. Happened a few times but shooting through the door got the enemies coming out of it again. If you see a little blue slime focus on it first. It's the fastest slime and will kill you quick if you don't take it out. Weapons unlock as you progress through each Arena. You don't have to switch them to the newest one you can stick with whichever gun your best with. You need to have all 3 types of Bat & All 3 types of Ghost at one time for two trophies. Having the same Ghost/Bat 3 times does not count. Has to be Poison, Thunder & Ice. These are through the random upgrades during waves. I did not try out the final weapon to unlock as I didn't want to spend time upgrading it. So that gun might be great I wouldn't know. Think that's about all I've got to say on this game. There will be better/faster & easier methods than this. But I hope this is helpful to someone. Like I said some people will have no issues with this game but I died quite a bit. But overall it was good fun and worth a go for the price.