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  1. Just completed the game and I can also confirm that pretty much any level can be solved with the proper strategy. If there are no four tiles that can be seen, there is usually (or always) a set of three where the fourth one can't be under these three visible tiles. I only encountered two situations where I had to make a guess. Overall, this was a fun game that I played while being in voice chats or watching a show.
  2. I've not been able to find any dueling games yet when I checked, so I think I may have to set up a boosting session or at least make a room to get this done. Before I do this, I have a few questions to make this smoother: - Do all ears count, including duplicates from the same person and also my own? - Do I have to have all 20 ears in my inventory or does the counter increase when I pick up any ears? - If it's the latter, can I pick up and drop the same ear twenty times? Thanks! (And if anyone is reading this who also still needs this trophy, is in Europe and would like to do this together, I made a level 9 non-ladder character and would be happy to engage in some mutually beneficial killing.)
  3. I've been playing for a bit now and taken a few classes to around 30-35: summoner necromancer, summoner druid, a hammerdin and a javazon. The javazon feels really good with the controller, no real downsides. The triggers work great for throwing the javelins, and it feels very intuitive. I think this will be the first character I'll get one of the "finish game in hell difficulty with class X" trophy for. She should be able to farm Mephisto in nightmare, too, to get some gear for the other characters. Farming bosses with necro and druid is a little slow because I have to re-summon the minions whenever I create a new game (this was really nice in the D4 beta: you log back in with the summons you had when you logged out). Still not enjoying hammerdin, but I'll get used to it eventually! I'm getting the hang of playing the game with the controller. Feels much better than it did when I started out. There are some nice shortcuts and it's just muscle memory. Today I discovered the "pick up loot and put it into cube" command that I hadn't seen before. They did put some thought into adapting the game to a gamepad.
  4. I started the platinum journey yesterday, so I haven't done or seen much yet. D3 and D4 (beta) worked really well with a controller, but D2 wasn't originally designed with controllers in mind and not every build seems equally suitable for controller. I googled a bit, but I've gotten mixed results (for example, some saying hydra/FO sorc is great with controller, others saying that it's suboptimal because you can't play hydras in specific places, etc). I'll need to get each class through hell and one character to 99, and I'm trying to plan this out a bit. I'm particularly unsure which class/build to try and get to 99. (I'm playing offline on PS5, so can't trade for stuff, but would ideally like to be able to do p6-p8 solo eventually.) I figure asking here will get me the best answers as many of you play the game only on console. In your experience, which builds (per class) would you say are the most suitable for playing with a controller?
  5. The ranked online wins trophy is a bit of a turn-off for me. I might still try it out since this looks like the closest thing to Mario Kart on PlayStation.
  6. For me it was actually the story and the dialogue (I listened to everything, even the optional choices) that kept me playing. I didn’t enjoy the combat/gameplay nearly as much as I had in Zero Dawn, but I did love the world, the characters, and the whole setting. While the story wasn’t as compelling and innovative as in the first game (where I felt in the dark and was eager to learn what had happened), it was still what propelled me forward and filled in some history holes.
  7. Thanks for the extensive response and all the tips! I really appreciate that you took the time to answer so thoroughly! I played D2 for a few years when it was originally released, so a lot of it is still very familiar, though they also seem to have made quite a few changes and added new content too. I'm playing offline so I can control the save games, and while it does feel a little cheesy to me, the level 99 journey is challenging enough for me to not want to have to start over. So far I haven't died, but I'll definitely reload from the cloud save if and when that happens (in the original game my highest HC character was 92, a trapsin, but that was lucky). I probably won't dupe anything, though I totally understand why people do and the advantages it offers. I'm probably handicapping myself that way since I also can't trade, but I'll see how it goes! I was afraid someone would say hammerdin is the best choice for the level 99 trophy. I never quite liked the playstyle and I think I still don't. I only just got to act 2 with my paladin, though, so it's too early to say. But just in case I can't warm up to it, what would you say is the #2 most suited class/build for getting to 99 in HC and that can solo most of the content? So far I only took a necromancer (summoner), a druid (summoner) and the paladin to level 18-20, just to re-familiarize myself a little with the game. The druid certainly is the smoothest so far, but I'm in the dark about the end game viability (p8). Low level experiences aren't very representative of end game viability.
  8. Thanks! Level 9 should be easy/fast enough. Is the game still active on consoles, with regard to dueling? Just picking up other people's ears sounds easy enough.
  9. I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought the game today too. I meant to wait for D4, and not revisit a game I played for 1000s of hours in the past already, but I really need a proper Diablo fix now. I'll be playing on PS5 and offline, but if you'd like to do the online trophy together and take turns at collecting each other's ears, I'd be happy to! I think PS4 and PS5 people can play together with online characters, right? (We can just use a level 3 character or something for this.)
  10. How well does building bases work with the controller?
  11. I’ve not played previous games in the series and I’m not a golfer, but: What is a H2H online tournament? One if the trophies requires winning one of those.
  12. I could’ve done without the coop trophies. I was under the impression the game was asynchronous/solo without player interaction being required and didn’t know about a coop mode.
  13. I spent a few hours playing the game last night and I think I’d like to go for the plat. I’ll most likely play just solo. I’m not the greatest shooter player, especially with a controller (used to be primarily a computer/PC gamer until a year ago), so I wonder what the most suitable and accessible solo class is. I started with a Devastator because I figured good aiming might not be as crucial with a close range class, but I only did the prologue and the first side quest, so I have little experience to go by. Although after watching this Technomancer turret build video, I think this may work really well with the turrets and the AoE freeze.
  14. Oh boy. I wish they addressed that before release. I suppose I'll wait a little before I start the game, at least until we know what that "edge case" is.
  15. Since you had a chance to play it, is it likely that any collectibles (or any of the trophies) are permanently missable? Or would you say this can be played blindly and then later on look up what's missing?
  16. I really enjoyed this beta and played more than I expected. Got a barb to 23, sorcerer to 25, and a melee rogue to 25. Rogue engaged me the most, though it was the least likely class I thought I’d enjoy. Felt really great with the controller. The game ran smoothly on the PS5 and looked very good, no issues. Cross-play with people on PC was flawless, even across regions. I had a key for PC also and cross-progression was enabled. That too was a seamless experience. I wasn’t sure which platform I’d play this on, but after the beta and the very positive crossplay experience with PC friends, I settled on the PS5. That’s where I preordered it anyway. Looking forward to next weekend’s beta and the release.
  17. The game is fully cross play and cross progression on all platforms, PS4 and PS5 included. Crossplay will be enabled for the beta too.
  18. Did you preorder it digitally from the PSN store? If so, just go to the product page and select the “…” button. One of the menu options should say “Open beta” (only available if you preordered, otherwise it will become available next Wednesday). The beta client is treated as a different edition of the game.
  19. I don’t think it’s likely, but being able to reset a trophy list (which would achieve the same goal) is a feature I’d welcome. It would probably not be equally welcomed by players who put effort into high completion rates, though.
  20. I started this game in 2014 and decided to finish it up now (working on those old E rank games). Unfortunately, the Vita version crashes all the time for me, usually when using the "gift scanner". And just now it crashed when summoning. I'm on the third planet and had about seven or eight crashes so far. It's an OLED Vita, most recent OS version (no CFW, all original). No idea what to do about this.
  21. I had Minecraft Dungeons on my list of games that I want to play for a while already, so now with it coming to PS+ next week it's probably a good time to dive in. Looking at the store page, I see six DLCs (combined in an ultimate DLC bundle for currently €16) and three seasonal DLCs that also have trophies (currently €2.99 each). Are these seasonal DLCs like battle passes? If I were to get all three, can they be leveled up simultaneously? I'm a bit unclear on what exactly they do and how they work. Thanks for any insights!
  22. Remasters/remakes of older games are in Premium, even if they are for PS4 or PS5. I don't feel Premium is particularly attractive, but it's also only 20 dollars/euros more than Extra per year, so less than 1.70 per month (or less if you use discounted PSN cards). I get enough value from the occasional Premium only game that it's worth it to me. I agree with the trails, though, and feel these should be free to anyone and not require a PS+ Premium subscription.
  23. "The Handsome Collection" is also on PS+ Premium, which includes BL2 + all DLCs + The Presequel. This collection is also currently 9.99 US dollars/euros, until March 16. There is a "Legendary Collection" also that in addition includes BL1 GOTY that's currently on sale for 19.99.
  24. I did this in local coop with a second controller. You don't need another person for this, just a second controller.
  25. It's more basic than Diablo 2 or Diablo 3 and has a different feel to it. The gameplay is less complex overall. You have a melee weapon and a ranged weapon (with limited arrows per dungeon/run) and three slots for artifacts. These artifacts can summon pets, provide extra healing, do AoE damage, etc. Think of these mostly as active skills with cooldowns. Your three pieces of gear (melee weapon, armor, and ranged weapon) have up to three enchantment clusters with up to three enchantments per cluster. You can pick one enchantment per cluster, for a maximum of three enchantments for each of your three enchantable equipment pieces. These enchantments are essentially passive skills such as life leech, corpse explosion if a mob dies, pushback, ricocheting arrows, etc. There is a large pool of different enchantments and they basically form the core of a build. There is no skill tree and there are no distributable stats. Items have the enchantments (passives) that they have, and this is often (always?) random, unless it's a unique item that may have a fixed passive in addition. If a passive you want is not on an item, I don't believe you can add it. You get one enchantment point whenever you level up and the cost (in enchantment points) of the enchantments depend on their tier and their power level. So a build consists of up to 9 passive skills, 3 active abilities, and effects provided by unique gear. Every map or dungeon you visit has a small number of possible loot drops. Their power level depends on the power level of the zone (you can scale the difficulty when you enter a zone). If you complete the zone, you get one of the items listed in the reward sections. There is another "loot table" for things that can drop in each zone, too. You can recover enchantment points ("skill points") by either destroying (salvaging) an item that you enchanted or by giving it to the blacksmith to upgrade it. Upgrading requires completing three zones during which you won't be able to use the items currently being upgraded. You basically need two sets of gear to swap between. This also requires emeralds (gold). Drops get better the higher difficulty is set. It's a nice game to play while watching a movie or a stream, and I can see it being entertaining to play in coop while voice chatting with a buddy (I haven't played with anyone and just used a second controller for the one coop trophy). There is also a "tower mode" that I haven't tried yet and that looks somewhat promising. The more I level up and the more interesting gear I find, the more the game grows on me. I unlocked the platinum in the base game and since I have the DLC already, I'll play more and see what DLC trophies I can get. I'll say that Diablo games are more interesting to me and more complex, but since it's free this month with PS+ Essential, there's no harm in trying it out. Even if you don't end up playing it excessively, the plat is easy. It's the DLC content that seems to be much harder and time-consuming.