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  1. >Spiders are back NOOOOOH!
  2. Pick easy difficulty. Every second left, when you finish the puzzle, is one point for your score. Every 50 points a trophy pop up.
  3. No, its a good TPS shooter/action game with some original game mechanics.
  4. Commands speaking, it would have actually been better with an option for "gamers" and one for "casuals".
  5. I've read there are some trophies related to cards, any clue how to get these trophies?Are they hard to get?
  6. Getting this on the PS3, hope we can cross match between Vita-PS3 and PS4.
  7. Never felt the urge so the answer is no.
  8. wat?
  9. You can't do an Uncharted movie that's basically a sort of Indiana Jones movie!
  10. Age 5-7 between Commodore64 and arcade...when I was 9 my parents gifted me with the Nintendo 8-bit for my birthday
  11. The Order: 1886 Uncharted: A Thief's End No Man's Sky David Cage new title
  12. If I were you (spent no cash on the ps3 ver, never played dlc and played it only once on normal) I'll definitely buy the remastered version with no doubt!
  13. I hope Saints Row 4 on PS3 I've really enjoyed SR: The Third!
  14. A F1 title on the Commodore64 at my cousin's place. First arcade probably Kung-Fu Master.
  15. Pan's Labyrinth, I've really enjoyed the show (a 3.5-4 out of 5) wow I've to give a shot at this two I'm a total fan of movie like Zombieland!