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  1. I used Rugal and spammed Kaiser Wave the entire time.
  2. I can confirm that the latest patch fixed the issues with the trophies. I just wished arcade mode was shorter, or had the option to set it to 1 round matches.
  3. Beat Arcade mode on Very Hard 3 times, beat arcade mode on very hard without using a continue (the boss is cheap), and beat the boss in challenge mode to unlock all colors for a single character. I actually managed to do all of the above AGAIN in one sitting for Saint and his trophy still did not unlock afterwards. So I gave up, wrote the company a letter and switched games. The company replied saying that they'll look into it, but I doubt anything will change honestly.
  4. The game does not save trophy progress sadly. So whatever trophy you start on, then you must unlock it BEFORE you turn off the game or else that trophy progress is lost. I unlocked all of Saint (Jesus) colors, but I took a break before unlocking the last two colors and I didn't get a trophy afterwards.