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  1. Achived 100% on WWE 2K Battlegrounds and I'll never touch that shitty game again. If you want to try it yourself, you are welcome to form your own opinion.😂

    1. Shinobi


      I don't know how many games I've plat where I've sworn to never touch them again lol.

    2. Kristen Danielle
    3. ihadalifeb4this
  2. I finally finished the campaing of MWII, i highly recommend this campaing to everyone. But on Veteran was it the horror fr. For me it was a really really good game tbh.

  3. just completed orion camou after a really hard grind, now i am fianally starting with the campaign😀

    1. Taihou


      I'm slowly getting through it, playing tier 1 has been helping a lot with gold guns tbh

    2. Lenzsotic1


      @Taihou yeah sure, for me i played a lot of normal shippment for all the gold guns, after i completed gold i played ground war (Maps: Gujiarro, Said, Santa Sena and Taraq, dont play Sariff Bay because it takes to long to find enemys) for about 1 day ingame time for the longshots, but for Shotguns Pistols and Smg´s i highly recommmend Tier 1 (Maps: Shippment, Crown Raceway, Embassy, Mercado las Almas, Shoot House and Taraq) for longshots, with a little bit luck you have this in about 8 hours. For Polyatomar you can play what you want, for me it took 2 normal days to complete all 51 weapon challenges for polyatomar on shipment.


      Also i recommend to skip the knife and the shield because you dont ned it if you unlocked the 4 new guns.


      I hope with this tipps you unlock Orion asap.

  4. At the moment I don't get around to chasing trophies because I'm addicted to MWII and I really want to unlock all the camous because I like the game a lot, even if it's really bad in some places. But as soon as the addiction decreases, I will play through the campaign of MWII and also play through Stray because I played it yesterday for 1 hour and got 3 trophies. For the future, I want to get both games to 100% as soon as possible after unlocking Orion Camou.

  5. I also started MWII today to get my first impressions. I have to say that from the whole basic concept it's a good call of duty so far, but like in the last few games you just drop too quickly

  6. Just played through the first part of Spider-Man on 100%, I have to say that the story of the main side and DLC missions was very good which I can also recommend to all who want to play the game. It was also really easy to get the game to 100% you just need patience because the individual missions you need for the trophies are constantly repeated. But in short, it was a very good game with very exciting fight scenes.